Scalping system #19 (X-Scalper)

Submitted by Azim.

Just want to share a simple strategy that I use to trade on daily basis. It is similar to AzimXsystem, but the accuracy is far better because this system is designed to scalp the market. Since it is also based on EMA crossing, I named it

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Hai everyone,

Personally I don't use stop losses. Think in terms of the movement of the price.Does the price move -1000 pips in a day?no right. Usually it moves around 50 pips-100 pips/day. As you know the price does not move straight up or straight down. It create waves.

As i said earlier, with 'MONEY MANAGEMENT'your a/c will always be in the safe zone. I usually use -1000 pips range for my account to breath if the price move against me(VERY RARE OCCASION).

All I can say is it just works for me. but if you really have any doubt, or you need some changes of the TP, set it at the next resistance/support. As usual if you want to use stop losses there should'nt be any problem. set it behind the APPROPRIATE previous low/high.

Cool strategies I love the integration of Support and Resistance makes it fulfilling but u said TP= 2-3 pips isn't that insignificant what then will be ur SL 1-2 i guess. Do u mean 20-30pips or 2-3pips pls shed more light

wow handal eh... maju terus bro


reliable wow uh ... go ahead bro

The results are very, very, very good!!! What StopLoss are you using?

Hi Azim,

please send everything to my email. On this site so far, we don't have the means to upload images.

Kind regards,

Hello Edward, Thanks for the quick post.

Anyway I would like to post my live a/c trades(Image), how can i upload it in this comment box?


Anybody have an idea of a possible stoploss for this strategy? I don't like leaving a trade without a stop loss. Any ideas?

good results, but what is your SL strategy?

And if you are just going after 3 pips, why are all your profits different?



there is no 100% strategy, and I see you dont use SL, so when do you cut your loss?


I understand that this system depends strongly on high win/lose ratio of trades, since with 2-3 pips TP, every entry in lower than 1:1 R/R. Correct me if I'm wrong pls.

So what would you say the win/lose ratio is? From the pics above it looks impressive but it would be nice to hear it from the author.

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