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Forex trading strategy #32-a (4hr MA Trends)

Submitted by Egudu

This is Egudu, I want to give you guys a cool system and it's simple.

Indicators: 5 SMA applied to close, 14 SMA applied to close and EMA of 144 and 169 applied to close.

Pairs: any

Time Frame: 4hrs only


The 144 and 169 gives the direction of trend, I mean when 144 above 169 it's an uptrend and if below it's a downtrend.

You use the 5sma to enter the market in the direction of trend while you use the 14sma to enter against the trend.

In the direction of the trend given by the two ema, when a candle closes below the 5sma for a sell and above it for a buy, while if against the trend as given by the ema, when a candle closes below the 14sma you enter a sell and above it for a buy.

Stoploss is always the high of the signal candle or low.
Now this system is pretty cool and wonderful, suggestions and questions are welcome. Thanks.

I have attached charts for visuals:

Hello There,

Can i use this system for 1 hour?or maybe do you have other settings to be used on 1 hour?


i guess you can but the whips would be too much, so if you can bear it, but i recommend 4hr thanks.

good system!!!

Hello Egudu,

Wonderful strategy.
However I think it would be better to have at least another confirmation before entering to avoid whipsaws. Such as Stocs at OB/OS and also to look out for divergence. What do you think? NewBoy

Good and simple system. When do you exit the trade on profit? Thanks.

Thanks to all, i would say there's really no exit,just use a trailing stop to trail it,or whatever your stop loss is, just target twice or thrice it.And for confirmation using stoch. or other stuff, i really dont like it,just enter when the signal says so, and even the whips that result to loss are small when compared to the profit from it if u follow it.i am still open to suggestions.

now like i said i really want to help traders in this forum,for a quick entry, i use a kind of candle pattern, and here is it,when you have a candle having the same open and high after a three candle uptrend, you enter the market for a sell, and the reverse is for a downtrend.this candle pattern is almost magic,just look at it,there all other ones i use which i guess i would tell you guys,so enjoy and ask me any questions, and i would recommend that you guys check out the 1hr reversal system.i would have love to post charts on it but just check it out first then make your observations,thanks.



"while if against the trend as given by the ema, when a candle closes below the 14sma you enter a sell and above it for a buy"

Could you elaborate above using chart?