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Forex trading strategy #33 (The Simplest system)

Submitted by Ken Murray

Using a 100 pip stop


Place trade at midnight EST According to above/below SMA 50

Leave until around 1800 HRS EST

You will be stopped out or make profit.

Back check this and you will be pleasantly surprised

what time frame do you use for ur entry?

what time frame do you use? and what is your profit target? i used 1hrtime frame but had a good amount of stops. thanks

Very simple !! what is take profit ?

will anyone tell me the time frame used for this strategy for better back testing


Could you please respond to the 3 questions above? Thx for sharing! :-)

Maybe there is not a take profit, he just closes the trades manually the next day at 1800 EST.

can any one advice us on the best time frame to be use

I don't get it. You play for 18 hours and out for six. What's the difference if you leave your bet on for the whole 24? Just play on the side of the trend amd leave leave your bet on until the price reverses.