Forex trading strategy #47 (DOUBLE RSI)

Submitted by Victor

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I was asked to filter this trading plan:

The system is almost 100% accurate with backtesting, but trading life
is kindoff different.

Time Frame: 1hour
CURRENCY PAIR: Eur/Usd Gbp/Usd any other
Indicators: RSI with Period (2) placed on RSI with Period (12)
To setup rsi simply place the rsi(12) on your chart normally then drag
the rsi again and place it on top of the rsi(12) and enter the setting
of two.This works in MT4 platforms.

*Enter Buy When Rsi(2) cross Rsi(12) from below and heading upward
*Enter Sell when Rsi(2) cross Rsi(12) From above and heading downward.

Take Profit: 20 pips
Stop loss: 30pips or Swing High /Low
But sometimes you catch up with really big trends.(when i suspect a
big movement i use a trailing stop with a high tp)

This system has so many potentials because it can be used on 5mins,
10mins,15mins,1hour,4hours and daily chat with eur/usd and Gbp/usd.
Hence i need experts like you to look into it and make recomendations,
with refrence to how i can filter the fakeouts.

Sometimes the rsi cross would occur but before the candle formation
finishes the cross would dissapaer.

Because you will see a lot of whipsaw and when the short RSI closes across the long RSI you would have missed a lot of good moves.

You need to add default fisher. If you are trading the 60min for example: When fisher is green (BUY) wait for 2 RSI to go below the 12 and the fisher still BUY in 1hr and 4hr then look for BUY entry. I trade one BUY per one set of 1hr green fisher. The chart below shows example of 2 BUYs and 1 SELL. Please leave a comment here if you have questions:

Details of pictures here:

Edward Revy,

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can please post da indicator 2 rsi an if you couls post 2 roc as well please a can´t find in the net eniwere


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hi, i can't drag rsi on one another, please help me...

HI Guys,
I too use two RSIs, one set to 'high' and the other set to 'low' (both period of 4) to help me with both bearish divergence and with bullish divergence respectively. The normal way is to use just one RSI, set to whichever period you like, to look for both bullish and bearish divergence. This misses a lot of divergences and lost oportunities.
However, when price is going up and you are looking for signs of bearish divergence, if you look at the RSI set to high, you will see many more bearish divergences than with just a single RSI set to close.

Likewise, if you use the RSI set to low, more bullish divergences will show up.

To save space, I put use the Navigator window and put one on a chart, set to high, then drag n drop another RSI on top, set that one to low, and give them both different colours. Your eye will soon get used to looking at two RSIs.

If you also put a RSI set to 'close' in another window, you can see how many divergences it misses compared to the two high/low RSIs.

I hope this is of use to you.



hi imade two new strategies basing on this thx a lot

I will see if I can do a VIDEO explanation as soon as i get all the software to do it.

Crystal Markets

i am unable to drag and place one RSI on top of the other RSI. what do i need to do? i am using meta 4

try 3 rsi, which is 3,10,14 in the same indicator. once rsi 10 and 14 turned from the oversold, overbought teritory and wait for rsi 3 to touch high or low of rsi 10,14 reversal point to buy or sell

Fisher repaints. If you know what that means, great. If not good luck.

Fisher is a Technical Indicator you can download from

Crystal Markets


Can someone paste this strategy, seems to be good, I was try to paste here, but unsuccess

Might also want to add a "silent zone" to the Fisher indicator of around 0.45 & -0.45(levels)to filter out the flat trends when all other signals are telling you to enter.

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