Forex trading strategy #48 (Manual Trading: collection of 3)

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Here we will put some forex strategies, indicators, expert advisors EA,... for manual forex trading.

1.) Simple SAR and EMA trading:

Settings: EUR/USD ( 1H Chart )

SAR - Step 0.1, Maximum 0.2

EMA- 5, 12, 34

EMA5 > EMA12 > EMA 34 and Last SAR is ABOVE Current SAR is UNDER EMA5

EMA5 < EMA12 < EMA 34 and Last SAR is UNDER Current SAR is ABOVE EMA5
Take Profit: 20 and more pips / Stoploss: 40 pips


2.) Support-Resistance / Fibonacci:

Settings: EUR/USD ( 1H Chart )

EMA25 + Fibonacci Retracements ( 0%, 100%, 161.8% ) + Support-Resistance Lines

EMA25 show trend ( Upwards in our example )

BLUE Line / ARROW are RESISTANCE and RED ARROW are Break Resistance Point ( Price Above Resistance ) Example:


EMA25 GO UPWARDS, PRICE CLOSE ( Candle Close ) above resistance

Take Profit: Fibonacci Retracements ( 161,8% ) Line and more

Stoploss: 20-30pips

opposite of BUY

3.) ICWR ( Impulsive/Corrective Wave Retracement ) Trading Strategy

ICWR Trading Strategy (.pdf)


Play only with money you can afford to lose!
All systems tested on a demo account to get a feel!
Be patient!
Don t be greedy!
We are not responsible for any loss of money!

Edward Revy,

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I will put together an EA and backtest/forward test strategy 1 above, and post my results here.

I have tested your startegy it works Amazng on 15 minutes my settings I use only EMA 5 and 12 and PSAR 0.2 and 0.2, I target 10 to 15 pips per trade only and it depends if I get more than one trade I take.

yes last but ot least 10 pips as stop loss ( Money management be carefull) :)

- Thulfaqar A Ayyad

if you see picture, it is clear how it work
ema5 > ema12 > ema34 and
last sarr above and current under ema 5

I think something is not right in the first setup. Looking at the example, you took as a rule for sell "Last SAR is under EMA 34" ant not 5. Is that correct?

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