Forex trading strategy #50 (MACD+CCI)

Submitted by João Alexandre

Indicators: MACD (12, 26, 2)
CCI 14

Time frame: 4 hours.

Open the indicator MACD (12,26,2) and CCI (14, Typical Price), so that they are superimposed, one above the other, exactly as it appears on the screen.


Open position to buy when the signal from the CCI crossing above the level line and the MACD +100 is operating above the demarcation line 0.00.
Close position when the signal from the ICC to play back the line-level +100.

Open short position when the signal exceeds the CCI down the line - 100.
Close position when the CCI signal touching the back line -100. Alternatively, close position when the signal from the signal to play ICC (2) of the MACD.

Time chart recommended: 4 hours.

Good trades to all. Jesus is Lord!

João Alexandre (John Alexander)

email: [email protected]

Edward Revy,

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Thank you, Jesus is Lord!

Forex trading strategy #50 (MACD+CCI).I need this indicator. [email protected]


Hello y don't you post your ea constantia? Thx for the strategy...

Drag the CCI indicator with the mouse and drop it onto the MACD.

how to make macd and cci indicator superimposed?

Hi John, thanks for the good strategy. What stop loss and Take Profit do you use on the H4 time frame and do you use(what) trailing stop?

Another detail importannte: Make reading of indicators always from the right corner of the chart window MT4 platform, otherwise, the settings that are desired may change.

Good trades!

You're right, this is the difficulty. It is therefore necessary to size indicators in MT4 platform so that the color of the rods remain in dashed line (gold). If you resize the window, the dashed line will automatically be continuous, which desconfigurará parameters that are desired for the strategy succeeds. Another tip: do not pay attention to the level of the MACD line, but only the CCI.

João Alexandre.

hi John, what platform you are using? thanx :)

The problem with this strategy is that, both the Macd and the CCI work in windows that change as the height and depth of the indicators change. This means that any accurate pattern that you have today may not be accurate at some other time.

If you are using MT4, you can customize the windows so that they remain at an exact height/indicator relationship. This will offset daily window resizing that happens as the indicators move.

Unless everyone uses the same window sizes, everyone will get different readings than everyone else. So there will be no way to compare one person's results to another person's results. Worse than this, anyone reading a comment about the success or failure of someone else, will not be able to duplicate the results.

Because of how these two indicators work, they cannot be overlapped accurately in an easy way.

Thanks for sharing Joao.

Jamaica....(Jesus is indeed Lord)

Hi Joao,
Could you post a screen shot with the new 2 CCI indicator you use and show entries and exits to make it clear?
Thank you...Phil


Are exponential moving averages (EMA).

The MACD and CCI are used with no fixed maximum or minimum values​​.

Found on the web an indicator that, visually, is very similar to the overlap of the MACD at the CCI, and contain an SMA embedded in it.

This indicator is not based on MACD but in two CCI. You can configure your source code in MetaEditor for all colors, except for the moving average signal line and parameters of CCI 100 and -100, stay invisible in the graph.

Simply configure the colors we do not want to appear as being the same color as the background of the graph that we use, and click the "compile" the MetaEditor.

If there is no compilation error, just open the chart and drag it into the MACD. As a result, we have the same visual effect of the overlap of the MACD at the CCI, with the addition of SMA in the indicator window that can also be modified to EMA in the source code.

The indicator can be found here:

Good trades!

João Alexandre.

(Download copy: DoubleCCI-With_SMAvbobslowVK.mq4)

Hi João Alexandre, great strategy..

Do you use MACD and CCI with fixed maximum and minimum values? Because the cross points change if you i don't use fix max and min. Or am i doing something wrong?


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