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Forex trading strategy #50 (MACD+CCI)

Submitted by João Alexandre

Indicators: MACD (12, 26, 2)
CCI 14

Time frame: 4 hours.

Open the indicator MACD (12,26,2) and CCI (14, Typical Price), so that they are superimposed, one above the other, exactly as it appears on the screen.


Open position to buy when the signal from the CCI crossing above the level line and the MACD +100 is operating above the demarcation line 0.00.
Close position when the signal from the ICC to play back the line-level +100.

Open short position when the signal exceeds the CCI down the line - 100.
Close position when the CCI signal touching the back line -100. Alternatively, close position when the signal from the signal to play ICC (2) of the MACD.

Time chart recommended: 4 hours.

Good trades to all. Jesus is Lord!

João Alexandre (John Alexander)

email: [email protected]

Could u please upload ur indicators & template ??


MACD (8,17,2) + CCI 14 (close) = more exact configuration.

Recommended graphical time: 4 hours, daily and weekly.

Good trades!

João Alexandre.

São Paulo - Brasil.

The indicators are available on the MT4 platform. Open the MACD. Then, drag the mouse with the Commodity Chanel Index (CCI) and drop on the MACD. Ready!

Thanks for the strategy. So far I have been using it as an added tool for confluence in my trades. In backtesting the results are impressive so far. I believe once used with other filters (such as the obvious e.g. key areas of support and resistance, currency strength etc.along with risk management, a trader can be profitable with this simple system.

I agree it works best on the 4 hr and daily charts.

Trinidad & Tobago
(Also a friend of Jesus!)

I like the MACD settings. Quite interesting.

Could anyone upload ur template ??


support and resistance...Hummm

Forgot to mention that, for greater security, the entries should be close to moving averages 17,34 .

João Alexandre.