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Forex trading strategy #49 (Parabolic + HMA)

Submitted by Egudu Emmanuel

Hi everyone,i would like to share a very simple strategy:

Indicators: HMA set to 40
Parabolic Sar (default)

Time Frame: 15mins
Currency pairs: eur/usd and eur/jpy

for buy entries, the Hma must change to green and the Sars should be under the candle.
TP should be 50pips to 100pips while stoploss should be when you have a reverse signal.

For a sell order, the HMA should change to red and the Sars should be on top of the candle.

Both indicators need not change at the same time,just ensure you enter a trade when both are saying the same thing.

A chart have been attached, the redlines shows entry points.

l hope you make good pips with this strategy.

l would like to have a professional expert advisor code a system for me.

Egudu Emmanuel

Indicators you need:


Looks like a great system. do you have HMA for MT5?

i used the hull moving average for quite a long time but it was of no use.Majority of the HMA's available to us are repainting.Incase if we dont find any non-repainting HMA,using xpma could be a better alternative.Lets see how this system works for others !!

Some more requested downloads:



Hi Thomas
HMA.mq5 need SmoothAlgorithms.mqh include file
please post the SmoothAlgorithms.mqh

The gesture of posting strategies is nice, but a brief backtest shows simple systems like this to be very unreliable. Some sort of (larger-TF, maybe?) filtering is needed, as well as a better exit.

higher time frames are useless because you would have missed the beginng of the trend but it is also helpful in case of a strong trend and you are getting in on a retracement/ rebound and we all kow that the market trend only 30% of the time. I suggest that you practice good money management in order to survive the tight consolidations that kill most of the novice traders.