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Forex trading strategy #9 (Teodosi's Moving Averages tunnel)

This Forex system was submitted by Teodosi.

Thank you!
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"Hello guys i want to help all of you and i want to share you some good system.
Like many traders say good system is simple one an that`s why i`ll tell you one very simple.
This is......

- 1H (of 30MIN, but you will get more whipsaws) candlesticks/bar charts
- 18 EMA & 28 EMA (put them in red)
- 5 WMA (in blue) & 12 WMA (in yellow)
- RSI = 21

The 18 EMA & 28 EMA are two red lines who form a tunnel, these will help you to determine
the start of a rend and the end of a trend.
Long term

The 5 WMA & 12 WMA will show you when to enter a trend, they will also
help you to see the strength of the trends. Short term

Entry Signals
You should only open a position, when the red tunnel is extremely narrow or crossed !

LONG: 5 WMA & 12 WMA cross the red tunnel upwards.
If the 5 WMA also crosses the 12 WMA upwards, then the signal is extra strong.
RSI >50

SHORT: 5 WMA & 12 WMA cross the red tunnel downwards.
If the 5 WMA also crosses the 12 WMA downwards, then the signal is extra strong.

Exit Signals

Signals that show the end of the chosen trend
- Long: The price has reached a top and 5 WMA dives under 12 WMA
Close position

- Short: The price has reached a bottom and 5 WMA jumps above 12 WMA
Close position

Forex simple system

Always close your position when boundaries of the red tunnel cross eachother
or when they become so narrow that they are one! This is a clear sign of a trend reversal.
After you see this, close your position and open a new position in the other way
(If you were long, close, open a short position)

When in a trade and the 5 WMA & 12 WMA cross the red tunnel ->
Pay attention! As long as the red tunnel boundaries doesn’t cross
eachother there is no problem, but often this is a sign that they will!"



What else can we say? Well done, Teodosi!
Thank you from all our users for sharing the system!

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Edward Revy
and my best Forex strategies Team

this is like sidus method .you have little fantasy
gil italy

Some methods could have similar ideas. There is nothing wrong about it. We have joined our efforts not to show off our fantasy here but to work on strategies and improve trading ideas. We need people like Teodosi to start off a spark and make it into a fire.

Thank you for your note anyway and sorry for disappointing you with this trading system...

Thomas Andreas,

The method is simple, useful and you can profit very much from it. Everybody who is as generous as to share his knowledge and experience for free deserves all my respect. Thank you very much Mr Teodosi.

No prob guys!I`m happy to help you with something .....;)

Mr.Teodosi, thank you very much. I find this method very useful and interesting as well.

James: This is very wonderful, straight foward, promissing and good bases for entry confirmations. Thank you so much!

thanks guys I made over 100 pips a day with your system

Good afternoon I from Russia and my name is Victor. Lay out on a picture an example of system as it works. I very badly understand English. With a picture to understand all sense of system it will be easier. I thank for attention.