Forex trading strategy #1 (Fast moving averages crossover)

Trading systems based on fast moving averages are quite easy to follow. Let's take a look at this simple system.
Currency pairs: ANY
Time frame chart: 1 hour or 15 minute chart.
Indicators: 10 EMA, 25 EMA, 50 EMA.

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Hi Edward
Thanks for your reply and effort in explaining. I have a better idea now.
Cheers :)


Welcome, Edwin!

I've made a sketch to illustrate the point.

forex trading strategy

Best regards,

Hi Edward
Discover your website last week. would like to know in your above strategy #1, the entry rules, what do you mean by 'wait for the current price bar to close on the opposite site of 50 EMA....'?
Thanks a million for this wonderful site.


Thank you Edward.
And thank you for putting together this site: Educational and very useful information!
With best regards,

Thanks very much Edward.

Hi Marcel,

Try FXGame from Oanda broker - it is simple and easy to undesrtand and you get all those charts and indicators you asked about.


Where I can find these types of Charts?

Can anyone please tell me where I can find such Charts (EMA, RSI etc.)?
Are they usually provided by the FX on-line broker? Mine doesn’t - only provides a couple of charts.
Can I find them somewhere online? Or do I need to build them myself (in Excel)?
I am interested in USD/JPY charts – real time of course.


Yes, that's a question that can have different answers today as we trade and tomorrow as we discover new strategies.
I like method #1 (9EMA) and advanced #5 (Trend line breakout).


Hi Edward,

Do you have a favourite system that fits in the basic or simple strategy category; one that is not too difficult to set up and has a good win/lose ratio. I know this is probably a tough question to answer, but I thought I would ask anyway.


My pleasure, merz.


Hi Edward

I was introduced to FX trading merely 2 weeks ago. Done very little trading even on a demo account as I try to read more and understand better.

I must say after spending literally days (lots & lots of hours researching online) educating myself, this site is very very informative without those sales pitch! A sincerely thanks to you Edward. I will definitely be a regular here for as long as I am involved in FX. All the best Edward!


you have to repeat procedure of inserting indicators - steps I gave you earlier, and then you'll be changing in the pop-up window the parameter "MA method" to either EMA, SMA or any other MA.


thank you wery much thomas.
can u tell me,how can i put
EMA,SMA and WMA separately.
pleas dont feel bad.

MA stands for Moving Average.
MAs can be Exponential - EMA, Simple - SMA, Weighted - WMA.

When we talk about EMA, we can sometimes say MA if we know what average we are talking about.


that i know thomas.i got confused becouse the screen shot from Edward is showing EMA.but you told is showing only mean that tha MA&EMA is same.thank you for helping me thomas.


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