Forex trading strategy #1 (Fast moving averages crossover)

Trading systems based on fast moving averages are quite easy to follow. Let's take a look at this simple system.
Currency pairs: ANY
Time frame chart: 1 hour or 15 minute chart.
Indicators: 10 EMA, 25 EMA, 50 EMA.

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1. Let me refer you to the page, where I gave an illustrated explanation of how we spot non-trendy markets. If you learn to identify non-trendy periods, you'll see where the remaining trends are.

2. In addition to that you can always glance at 50EMA or even better 50 SMA. If the Moving average is flat or about to flat out (means it is nor rising, nor falling, but rather going horisontally), then you're looking at non-trending period.

3. Use ADX. try ADX 14, ADX 30 or ADX 50 depending how fast you like it to be. When ADX stays its below 20 level, there is no significant trends on the market, once ADX begins to rise and crosses 20, you've got a trend forming.
Here is more information on ADX indicator.


i just lost huge amount of money gambling in a non-trendy market. please, how can i determine the trendy period of a currency pair? are there best times to trade each currency if yes when is it?

Thank you for your kind words!
I'm sure you'll find lots of useful information on our website.
Happy learning and trading!


Dear Edward,

Thank you for you reply. I recommend this site to my friend as we are both getting no where in forex after 4 mths & after going to one day apprentice class. We are blind leading the blind :( I also wish to thank your unselfishness to share, to provide suggestion & made us see light at the end of tunnel.

This website, unlike most of others just interested in selling books or software. Thank you, my invisible guru.

Many traders face the same challenge - not enough time to trade Forex.
I can suggest next options:

1. Trading daily or 4 hour charts. (Be ready to see some of the trades last for months. It takes lots of time to test a system thoroughly, but it costs nothing in terms of time you spend each day).
2. Trying Forex scalping methods - quick and easy - an hour/30 min a day is what you need.
3. Using breakout strategies that are tailored to certain market hours - you'll come to trade at a specific hour, enter at a breakout with a fixed profit target or at pivot point level, at nearest support/resistance level or simply exit after 3 consecutive candles.

You must be comfortable with the time frame you trade and Forex shouldn't take more of your time than you're willing to spend.

Good luck!


Hi Edward,

I am new kid on the block & just started forex 4 mths ago & still on demo a/c :(. I just discover yr site & would try out all the simple strategies mentioned to see which suits me. I work full time & reach home 8pm. It doesn't seem to allow me to have more time on forex practice. Even when I tried out forex strategy #1 mentioned above using 15min chart yesterday, up till 12 midnite & I hadn't been able to exit the trade. Help :(

Hi Kwesi,

The price bar has closed when a new price bar appears.
For example:
It is 3:15pm, you're looking at hourly charts. On hourly (1 hour) charts each price bar lasts for 1 hour.
If it is 3:15, we'll see a current price bar closing at 3:59:59 (so to speak) and a new hourly bar opening at 4:00.

Regarding the programming question, I'm sorry I don't know the answer.


Hi Edward,
Your site is just great, loads of useful info. I am a biginner myself and I went live just too soon, I have lost some cash though but after visiting your website I have stopped live trading and gone back to practice. I think forex trading is just like studying civil engineering at college, thanks for your site.
Please explain something to me.
(Just wait for the current price bar to close on the opposite site of 50 EMA. This waiting helps to avoid false signals).
How do I know the price bar has closed, what is the sign or symbol, how does it look like when it is closed?

Jah bless,


Hi. I have a custom indicate but want to incorporate in that indicator that the 10 ema must be above the 25 ema. How do I represent this is MetaEditor?

Thank you, Jim.
I wish you all the best in your trading, I will be glad to see you among our regular visitors.

Best regards,

I have been trading Forex of over a year and stumbling along as I seek a strategy that fits my taste. I stumble across your website and I have been completely amazed with all of the valuable trading options. I will be a regular visitor as I use this information to help me form my own trading strategy. Thanks so much for your site.

From a grateful heart

Hi Ryan,

Thank you for your feedback.

SMA - simple moving average - simply calculates Price average value for the cartain period of time. For, example, 5 period SMA would sum the values for the last 5 days and divide them by 5.

The formula for EMA is more complex.
EMA - Exponential moving average - puts an emphasis onto the most recent prices, where today's price will have more weight than previous days' prices. This makes EMA more sensitive to recent price changes comparing to SMA.

EMA reacts quicker to the most recent price moves, while SMA lags more; however, with SMA you have a smoother indicator readings, while with EMA there is a lot of sharp turns and pullbacks.


What is the difference between SMA and EMA? I am testing 10,20,50 SMA on a 4 Hr chart. The set up works great for AUD\USD, NZD\USD, and GBP\JPY pairs with MACD as a second indicator. I gained 200 pips on all three of them, but could have gained more if it weren't for my Limits.


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