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Forex trading strategy #8 (EMA breakthrough)

Sooner or later all Forex traders begin experimenting with different EMA settings.
Quite often very interesting combination can be spotted. Here is one Simple Forex system based on 50 EMA indicator.

Any currency pair.
Time frame: 90 minute or 3 hour chart, 4 hour chart
Indicator: 50 EMA.

Entry: watch for a candle to pierce 50 EMA and finally close above (to enter Long) or below (to go Short). Enter with the second candle after it makes 5 pips higher than the previous one.
Exit: not set.
Stop loss order: 15 pips below 50 EMA.


Hi I personally Include in this system Ema 100 and 200 to know this where l trend principal and to use 100 and 200 As Support and Resistance


Mr what RSI settings u advice to use with this strategy .. i.e 14 or 21?
Thanks .. I appreciate ur efforts..

Thank you for your question.
I've looked at both, to me they pose very little difference in this case. Either one can be used.

It very much depends on those specific signals you want to read off RSI.

I would probably try 14 RSI, it's a bit faster, it may confirm price expectations 1-2 candles quicker than, for example, 21 RSI.


good one.

Dear edward,
thanks for this strategy i try it on daily fram i gives a very very good results and don't requier a lot of attention but the problem now when i should exit or what will be the fair target from each deal?
i got around 200 pip from NZD/JPY and around 250 pip from GBP/jpy but i return to the starting point again today.
what is your suggentions for this problem?

Hi Hanz,
Yes, a good exit sets certain difference.
My first idea about exits for this system was to start with Fibonacci extension which will set some initial profit target.
Then to find out daily range average for chosen currency pair. For, example, GBP/JPY will have 150-200 pips average, NZD/JPY about 70 - 90 pips. Set 150 mark for GBP/JPY and 70 for NZD/JPY.

Now it is all about working out probabilities:
If Fibonacci target is further than daily average target, then once the last one is reached, set a trailing stop. Exit on Fibonacci extension level.
If Fibo is closer than daily average target, take partial profits at Fibs extension and allow the rest to hit daily average target, after which again set a trailing stop.
This exiting concept should fit this system; what do you think? Let us know about results once you test it.



Seems like a pretty simple system :-) How do u guys eradicate fake outs?


The simplest way is to define supports and resistances. If the market is moving sideways along with relatively flat 50 EMA, where EMA is drifting through candles, no signals should be taken from 50 EMA until a sideways channel is broken and at least one full candle is closed outside it; OR one could wait for a pullback and retest of support/resistance which has been broken and only then place an order.
If the market is trending well, no precautions are needed.