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Forex trading strategy #7-a (The "stupid guy" system)

Submitted by Wolf (Riza Hariadi)

HELlo! Im Back. Im Wolf from Indonesia

Today I want to share my "Stupid Guy" Trading System that can make pips up to 50-100 pip a day! ^_^

Lets go!

Pair = EUR/USD only
Time Frame : 15 Minute Only
Zoom out to 50 or 75 percent to see the magic.

And the secret is... MACD!

Set it to 35 45 30.

The Rule is, ENTRY WHEN CROSSING. ITS so simple!! Check the picture below!

Patient is the key, and you may sometimes checkout the Histogram Divergence to spot next cross. Don't forget to set trailing stop (SL+), Avoid News, Cut Loss when MACD cross again (almost never happen)

Happy Stupid Trading ^_^ See you at the top!


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Could you post MACD indicator shown in your chart for MT4 ? Thank you for sharing your system.

hi Wolf, got a question, how do you get those two line, I changed the setting bet was only to get one moving average?

hi can you plz tell me how to ste the macd up im a beginer

If you want to more accurate. Add stochastic 45 25 2 while keeping the zoomout. Happy trading ^^

This is marketiva streamster. How do you place two lines in an MT4?

hi Wolf, got a blue line on macd, missing red line?

WOW this is powerful!

Hi Wolf,

How many pips do you use as a trailing stop?