Advanced system #16 (30 min ATR breakout)

Time frame: 30 min
Currency pair: any.
ATR 14
EMA 14 set on ATR 14.

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what do you mean by that Any new entry signal that comes after 12 noon should be ignored? can you explain it further

thanks man !!!

Fantastic system. Will test it out too.

Dear all,

I've been giving this strategy some attention and it looks pretty tradeable. Personally, I'm not awake when the ATR crosses its MA, so I'd like to automate this. If anyone wants to work with me on coding it, I'd be willing to cooperate and make an EA for it. I've already made an custom indicator for the moving average of the ATR that Edward is calling for here.


Hi Sorento,

1. Do you mean 2 orders in the same direction? Or is it something different?
If that's 2 order in one direction, then the first order will be closed after the first profitable candle, and the second - according to the original exit rules.

2. The strategy relies on the market hours cycle (slow trading session (Asian) followed by an active session (after midnight and though the London session). So, yes, we want to trade it during those active market hours only.

Best regards,

Hi Edward,
Just read through this strategy of yours and tested it live on gu and it opend a short position. I used the pip box of 28 as my TP ie 28pis and it has since closed in profit adding an extra 10 pips. This is great. I doff my hat. I however have some questions. Is it possible for strategy to open two positions and in that event what do we do.?2. Is system only traded at London open?

"In order for a fractal to form, there should be a series of 5 consecutive bars where the middle bar will be the highest preceded and followed by two lower neighboring bars on each side..."

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The plateform that I'm currently using does not have fractals. How can I calculate it so that I can check out this strategy?

War baby can you please save your template and post it. I is difficult adding the atr to ema

I was a "war baby" I came from Vietnam
thank Edward
this is a good system. after 5 weeks, it gives the following efficiency:
EUR / USD: win 18 command. 2 lost command
GBP / USD: win 16 command. 4 lost command
USD / CHF: 19 wins command. lost a command
Gold: 15 wins command. lost 5 command
Welcome to Edward
Happy New Year
wish you and your family be blessed

Hi NB,

Although tried, I haven't found solution and good settings for a higher time frame yet.

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DO you think this would work on higher tf? If someone has tried it out would be glad to have the input on the best settings please.



Well, the last option is probably to send screenshots to Edward, where you'd need to draw arrows from where to where and how you're trying to put that EMa on ADR.

Edward's email:



could anybody help me getting this moving average in the ADR. I've already tried
the instruction from Sedge out, but I didn't succeed. I'm desperated. :-(

good systemp


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