Advanced system #16 (30 min ATR breakout)

Time frame: 30 min
Currency pair: any.
ATR 14
EMA 14 set on ATR 14.

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Hi Fernando,

I'm not quite sure I can picture that.
Could you please make a screeshot for me?

Best regards,

Hi Edward,

I've been testing this strategy and I've won some
pips with my real account. I think it is a very good strategy. Now, I'm developing an EA for testing it in several
scenarios. Congratulations.

I have a doubt. What happens when the channel formed by i-fractal Highs and lows
values does not cover higher or lower presented during the
lack of activity? You must create the channel also considering these
ups and downs?

Thank you very much,


How do i know the right directon to where the candles will move. Sometimes its not that obvious?!
I think this strategy could be real profitable. I just need to know the right direction. Another idea could be pending orders into both directions. When one gets hit, the other can be deleted!

I must admit did have a problem getting these indicators to combine, but have found the correct paths are.
For the ATR - Navigator/ Custom Indicator/ ATR. For the EMA indicator - Navigator/ Indicator/ Moving Average ( in the moving average box that appears the MA method is already set to Exponential but you have change the option in " Apply to " box & reset to " previous Indicators Data", then press OK and the MA will appear over the ATR).


I'm really sorry to hear that.

I've tried to give as much details as I could to describe the steps.. I'm usually more successful at explaining things. Don't know what to say this time.

If someone can make a video showing how it's done, I'll greatly appreciate your help!

Kind regards,

Hello Edward
Thankyou for all your help i would really like to try out this system,from your advice after i put the ATR onto the chart,i put the MA onto the main chart,where i now have previous indicator data and click ok,however i still cannot get the indicator onto the ATR.
I have tried on 3 different demo mt4,same result.

...because you either:

a) forgot to add ATR indicator to your chart first.
or b) you're drag & drop the the indicator (from the navigator window) not on ATR, but on the main chart.

Sorry, but nothing else I can think of. I downloaded the platform and succeed with the task..

Kind regards,

i have downloaded the ibfx demo account however for some reason the the tab for MA does not have previous indicator data and first indicator data,why would that be....

That's strange... I use the default Moving Average in MT4. Try registering a Demo with IBFX broker just for a test. You absolutely must succeed with placing EMA over ATR there, otherwise review your steps.

Kind regards,

Please post the MA with the previous indicator data as the mt4 i,m using does not have this on the MA indicator tab.

I don't have "EMA on ATR indicator", you have to put it up together.

Not sure where you stuck.. Below are the steps to be followed:

Steps to set EMA14 over ATR 14 properly:
a. put ATR on the charts as usual.
b. from the Navigator window (on your left) drag Moving Average on ATR and in the settings make sure to put:
- period: 14
- MA method: Exponential
- Apply to: Previous Indicator's Data
c. You have to drag and drop the Moving average indicator over the ATR window, not on the candlestick chart window. (May be that's the problem...)

The platform from IBFX allows me to do that.

Regarding the .ex4 file, all you have to do after you saved the indicator to Experts/ indicators folder is to:
1. Restart the MT4.
2. Then use either Navigator to drag the indicator on the chart, or go to: Insert -> Indicators -> Custom ->i-Fractals

Kind regards,

Edward please post the "Moving Average on ATR" mt4 indicator

Hello Sedge,

I use FXCBS and it appears on my charts.


Hi There,

Your System is very good. Many Thanks for sharing.



This system appears to work consistenly just using the arrow indicators, as i havn`t found a brokers platform yet that is able to put the EMA over the ATR so which broker are you using, those i`ve spoken to say it isn`t possible.



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