Advanced system #16 (30 min ATR breakout)

Time frame: 30 min
Currency pair: any.
ATR 14
EMA 14 set on ATR 14.

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Please you need to add here the "Moving Average on ATR" as seen on the chart you posted

Edward..could you please post the ATR indicator here because on the mt4 i,m using when applying the MA... apply to... it does not show previous indicator data.

Can you explain the fractals a little better? I don't understand their use?

When downloading a file you have to close the MT4 platform first otherwise it won`t load in, then open up the Mt4 platform again and it should be in there, apart from that am also having a problem putting EMA14 OVER ATR14.


Dear Edward
I have downloaded the file .ex4 and placed it on the MT4's Experts/Indicators folder but I still cant see it or open this template / indicator. What steps are missing ?

Hello Edward
I cant find '"Steps to set EMA14 over ATR 14 properly"
I am having trouble to insert EMA14 over ATR14
Pls advise

Hey Dave,
right click, save as.. will do the job.

Hello Edward,
I have been trying to download the file (i-fractalex) file but when the link is clicked, it extracts itself so i cannot download it to my mt4 folder, do you have a stand alone file i can download that isn't an "exe" file extension? or am i doing something wrong.


Hi Faisal,

you can send chart setups to

but it takes the same amount of time to receive an answer by email as it takes to wait for a response on the site.

1. We still rely on fractal breakouts after all, so even if the ATR touched the EMA, we need a breakout beyond the fractal - if the order is triggered, it means we have to accept it and then manage it according to the market situation.

2. Outside of which box - if you mean the breakout range created by the fractals - yes. If you mean to create a box based on the time limit e.g. 00:00 to 6:00 am - that could be an alternative way to trading it, means you won't be using fractals after all.

3. If we don't get high-low ifractal arrows, remember that you can still find fractals with a regular Fractal indicator. Thus use that one if no high-low is found.

Kind regards,

Hello Edward,

Where can i discuss my chart setups with u????

Hello Edward
I have some more questions :)

1. Sometimes ATR just touch the EMA and turns back below so how to ignore this move, candle can easily hit our pending order.
2. Can we take entry when candle close outside of box as a conservative approach?
3. What if we dont get high or low ifractal arrow for range box?


Hi everyone,

sorry, forgot to add the indicator: i-FractalsEx.ex4

copying of the content is not encouraged, sorry about that. It's a necessary measure to prevent copyright violation. Unfortunately, because of known copyright abuse (which is a common issue for many online resources), the good traders also have to adjust to new conditions.

Ideally, it should be the beginning of the trading day - before 4-6am EST. Any new entry signal that comes after 12 noon should be ignored.
I support your rules. There is plenty of opportunities to take advantage of using ATR+EMA.

You can definitely use regular fractals. What the i-Fractals does, it excludes/deletes certain fractals according to the period set, so that you see fewer fractals on the chart.

if you use MT4, you'll succeed by following the steps given above: "Steps to set EMA14 over ATR 14 properly"
If, however, you have another platform, then it depends on its functionality. It's better to ask your broker if such feature is available.

Kind regards,

I tried to put 14EMA on ATR 14 window but my platform is not allowing me to paste both indicators combined. How can i fix it?

Please make Template


Where can i find iFractals indicator. can i use simple fractals?



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