Advanced system #17 (Trendlines & Chart patterns)

Submitted by Azim

Hello Everyone!
I would like to share an effective way of trading. It is simple and very profitable with excellent risk reward ratio.

It is trading using Trendlines & Chart patterns. I focuses on QUALITY trades, NOT QUANTITY. Less trades but quality trades is the best way of trading.

1st: You need to identify channel.

2nd: Look for a breakout.

3rd: Look for a pullback testing the trendline.

4th: Enter the trade after the pullback, and put the stop loss 5 pips behind the pullback.

5th: Profit target – Calculate the size of the channel

Example for BUY:

Example for SELL:

Goodluck & Happy Trading!


Edward Revy,

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Hi sir Azim can you message me on my email "[email protected]" because I want to learn trendline strategy. Thanks
Hi sanjayram can u msg me [email protected]

Friends can you explain me how to calculate this please?

"5th: Profit target – Calculate the size of the channel"

can email me teach me trendline trading

Excellent pure price action based trading. This friend who posted it will go a long way in trading!


Hi thanks for the great & simple strategy, Just want to know if the breakout failed, do you ride the reversal???


You are a GENIUS. :D


ebooks here:

and there are some more there.

hi pls am about goin into forex trading, cn u pls send me an ebook that ll rlly teach me nd pls wt broker are u using. My mail s [email protected]


where is your results ?

i will taste it and i will give you resoults

You only enter trades on conframation of the Pullback closing candle weather Longe or Short.

Timeframe 15 min and above..The higher the Timeframe, the better it is

Hello there, as i have tested this stragegy works on all pairs. but i would recommend to trade on major pairs only.

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