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#4 Patrick's trading system

Submitted by: Patrick Bourgeois
Thank you, Patrick, your contribution is greatly appreciated!


I would like to give you my system because i find it a very strong system if you listen to the signals. I have to say it is a combination of a few systems on your website that i have customised to one. Maybe if you like it after a review you can post it on your site.

I use the following indicators.
ema 3 close
ema 5 open

ema 34 en 89 on the close, just using them for direction, possible support and resistance.
RSI 3, 80, 20
stoch 5,3,3
adx 14

I have sound signals on the cross of ema 3 and 5 and the cross +di and -di of adx.
I use metatrader and will sent a screenshot of it including my metatrade indicators.
Click to see full size image.

Forex trading system

Forex trading system

The most important are the trading hours for using stochastic. Stoch don't react the same on Sydney or Tokyo session.
I only use the London and NY session. I combine that with your simple strategy 16, the breakout after 7 or 8h (London)

The most important is the cross of ema 3 and 5. When you get the signal go to 1h chart and watch for the breakout on that chart.
If there is one you buy or sell following the trend at the moment.

Stoploss is the high of the candle on the 4h chart where the signal is.
Stoch is just there to confirm you are not on the end of your trade. The entry point is not stoch nor RSI it is the cross of ema 3 and 5. Mostly RSI and Stoch are already crossed.

I use the 4h chart to start because on the 1h there are sometimes to many false signals. If there is a small signal on the 4h chart you can still make a few pips on the one h. If you get the false signal on the one hour you lose the trade. If you use this system for a while you can make big trades.

Let me know what you think of it.
Friendly greetings

Patrick Bourgeois



Just wanted to thank you for this system, I will try and review it.

For some reason I find the ema 34 and 89 useless.

I am trying it on the 15 min chart, and with a stop-reverse strategy someone could consistently get 30 or more pips daily from the look of it.

I will get back to you one I am done


Hola Patrick
Mi nombre es vicente, no hablo ingles, hablo español, ojala me puedas contestar.
Tu sistema en grafico de que tiempo funciona? 15M, 30M, o 1H.
Yo estoy confundido porque en tiempos menores me salen bastantes señales, pero en una hora me salen menos, cual de ellas es una orden valedera, o que valga para entrar al comercio?.

En todo caso agradezco, a ti y a esta pagina por hacernos conocer gente de todo el mundo con un mismo fin, o un mismo camino. El Forex.




Hello Patrick
My name is vicente, I do not speak English, I speak Spanish, I hope I can answer. Your system at that time graphic work? 15M, 30M, or 1H.

I am confused because I get quite a few times smaller signals, but within an hour I get less, which one is a valid order, or that worth to enter the trade?. In any case thank you and this site by us to meet people from around the world with the same goal, or a single path. The Forex.


Hi Samuel thanx for reviewing it. I use those ema's for direction. When 34 is above 89 it is strong in buy otherwise it is strong sell. When they get close to eachother there is concolidation or a possible trend change.

Hi Vincent, sorry i can't speak spanish. Maar ik kan het wel in het Nederlands. (But i can speak Dutch because i am from Belgium)

I use just 1h, 4h tmf. This is to drop the false signals. My broker is MPT(Myprivatetrade) and act as an affiliate program so there is a spread of 5 pips. I have an income as affiliate.

When i get a signal on the 1h tmf i look to the 4h tmf and if ema 3 and 5 are crossed then i make my order.

I hope this answer your question. Don't hestitate to ask me

Hey patrick can you make a signal that takes account of both ema and ADX cross overs

The signals for ema and adx cross are allready programmed. Remember that you get the signal after closing the candle where the cross happens. That is the reason why i have a signal on the cross of +di and -di.

hey patrick, I am new in forex ..can you explain me exactly what do you mean by Breakout (When you get the signal go to 1h chart and watch for the breakout on that chart)
Thx you ..

When you get the sound or cross signal on the 4h tmf you must go immediately to 1h tmf. On this chart the cross is going on so you can get in trade. I am working on a new system almost like this but it is better for newbies.