Forex trading strategy #45 (Simple trading strategy guidelines)

Submitted by Sanjay Ram

Hello all, Sanjay Ram here from Liverpool, England. This is a great spirited site that lends a heart and ear to many aspiring traders, and God Bless the good people who are hosting this site.

I am a businessman, but have been trading for about three years now. I would like to share a very simple strategy. I apologise if it is too simple, or even ridiculous.


1) Plot Support and Resistence Lines on a Daily Chart.
Use pairs like EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, USD/CAD. Remember, S/R are Key Levels of the market; Swing points, historical S/R, short term S/R. Take all these points and connect horizontal lines. Also, note the general trend.

2) At the 4 Hour Chart, plot the lines drawn from the Daily Chart.
Now look for what generally price is doing.For example, if in the Daily Chart price has broken a resistence and moving up (one bar formed only), in the 4 hour chart, there will be a teeny meeny mini uptrend. If this trend were to continue in the Daily Charts, then the 4 hour will hold true to a trend that can last about a week or so.
(get it?)

3) Now plot Bollinger Band, Standard 2 deviation to 10 (not 20).
Take the middle line away and plot a 20SMA. You can do this is METATRADER.

4) Look out for price hitting onto your DRAWN horizontal lines (either S/R).
Then, look out for PIERCING candles on these S/R points. Eg, if is the said uptrend above, we will be looking for a price low to enter.Let's say price is now at a Support level, it is inside the BB, and at the said support level, it closes with wicks piercing the bands. This is as good a trade to be had in terms of probabilities. On the next candles Half close, we enter long.

5) Please keep in mind the following:

a) Always use the ATR to know what are your chances of gaining how many pips. I have written separately on this subject. Please read up on this matter.

b) Always use good money management. This site has many good reads on this subject.

c) Be disciplined. Like a recent article i saw in this respected site, do not do what you what your analysis tells you.

Wait and wait and wait for your opportunity. The market will always be there after you and me are long gone, my friend, so why worry. Opportunities are galore in the Forex Market. Patience, friend, patience.

And there you have it. I am sorry if this strategy did not use any indicators or other fanciful techniques like switching too many time frames. I have a personal belief; ALL techniques are good, it all depends on the person executing it. Learn which suits you best, and believe me, you will find one!

The Market is True, The Pips are True.

Sanjay Ram

(For now, try and avoid JPY, because of the recent havoc the country has been through, and their central banks trying to hold base. During the Asian session, this can be easily seen and although we can Short positions in most JPY pairs, the retracements and swings will easily eat your Stops out. Just a word of caution only.)

(I am not selling anything, I do write articles for magazines. If the Administrators allow, you may email me.)

Edward Revy,

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will you pl. give an example

Hi Sanjay,
thanks for sharing. I really like the look of your common sense trading style. I wold also love to see some chart examples of this if possible.
Also simple questions:
1. On metatrader my bollinger bands settings are period, deviation and shift. I can change deviation to 2 but what should the others be?
2. How do I remove the middle line of bollinger?
Thanks in advance
Dave from Manchester.

hi Sanjay,
tks for the strategy.
can you please post charts and mark entries?! sorry if i sound lazy bt that will explain it better!

Sounds really great my free time is a muss to look at

thanks sanjay ram great work


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