What type of trading system do you use in Forex more often?

scalping system
27% (2340 votes)
breakout system
16% (1414 votes)
news trading system
3% (302 votes)
price and patterns based system, no indicators
12% (1064 votes)
indicators based system
30% (2605 votes)
I trade without a system
10% (905 votes)
Total votes: 8630

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Hi User, newb here, can enlighten how you trade w/o system?

leave your emotions out and don't revenge trades...

i traded w/o a system and made 75 grand in 20 days..

My name is Irina,I am a new trader and I find your site very useful,thank you very much!

Scalping and daytrading are the best systems that can be used because you are limiting your losses and no one can predict what will happen the nesxt day if u have an opened position
Happy Trading Guys

Indikators are my candle light in the Forex darkness. Ill never do any action
befor doing som research on 5 different indicators.

If you trade without a system, can I have yout money instead ?

I donno it just depends person to person...

I'd like casino so I trade without a system

GBP/JPY UK BreakOut !!!!!! Asif, Malaysia.

I honestly don't think anyone trades without a system, or at least not for long. I have several strategies, but the real key is to figure out which strategy to use and when. Nice page here, I have bookedmarked it. I've written a bit about the breakout on my blog

#trading without any system is suicide#

Why? ALL mechanical systems fail sooner or later because NONE of them is able to predict the future. They just describe the past. But who cares about the past??

It's a wise idea to trade without a system.

trade with no system....its 50% becoming like minacci system

Hi louR77,
Here is a custom indicator fro MT4 charts:


If you were referring to anything else, just let me know, I'll be glad to help.


trading without any system is suicide


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