What type of trading system do you use in Forex more often?

scalping system
27% (2340 votes)
breakout system
16% (1414 votes)
news trading system
3% (302 votes)
price and patterns based system, no indicators
12% (1064 votes)
indicators based system
30% (2605 votes)
I trade without a system
10% (905 votes)
Total votes: 8630

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i think every body should try and learn on how to trade using indicator,bcos to a large extend,indicator is more reliable than any other means of trading forex. ....opeyemi.nigeria

i trade using indicators, however my style resemble scalping system where i normally dont aim for large number of pips profit

don't trade with emotions

Always look for 40 points until I get it daily :) using my one of the best indicator system. Good luck you all. Thanks!

Trading without a back-tested system / plan = Casino

It's good to trade with the system coz it gives u more accuracy

Predicting the trend is a system of its own, guessing is something else

If you trade without a system..... STOP TRADING


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