What type of trading system do you use in Forex more often?

scalping system
27% (2340 votes)
breakout system
16% (1414 votes)
news trading system
3% (302 votes)
price and patterns based system, no indicators
12% (1064 votes)
indicators based system
30% (2605 votes)
I trade without a system
10% (905 votes)
Total votes: 8630

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i was use scalping, so dangerous , indicators but faking ,price is only true indicator that what i discover that never cheat me

Well, I trade the 1-2-3 pattern. Should I vote that I trade a "price and pattern based system" (since it basically is a chart pattern)? Or should I vote that I trade a "breakout system" (since it basically is breaking out from the #2 point)?

However it is described, the 1-2-3 system works!

if you point your cursor at the candle Highs and Lows will pop up in a box.

i trade once a month using the news...i use heavy leverage of 1:500....been making steady profits based on the entry and exit strategy i developed,its quite simple but effective.....i am a banker so dont have much time on my handz..but it been alrite thus far...traded for 1 year 4 months now...slow and steady is the path to wealth.

do not need to trade for long period. maybe 1 hr or so and get smaller pips for me is fine. using indicators.


Trading with News can be good option...

my trading is purely system based which involves ;
a) trend analysis (I only trade with the trend as confirmed by 2 or more time frames )
b) I use 3 moving averages and 2 indicators (THESE ASSIST ME TO DETERMINE THE TREND AND BUY/SELL ZONES)
c) I pull the trigger when I am very clear where supply or demand is not because of any indicators or other tool. Supply and demand move prices not any indicator from any of these so called trading gurus. If one wants to successfully trade any market from fish market to forex commodities etc one Must understand the simple laws which govern the supply and demand of any product and service. INDICATORS AND OTHER TOOLS DONT MOVE MARKETS

Often it is done on small time frames with small profit targets, which falls under a category of scalping.
Otherwise, it is a strategy with no indicators.

What about bi-directional gridding???

Usually a mixture of system is used.

I don't consider trading price action a system.

dont trade when your iq level is low due to nervousness,anger,and fear

Basically: I trade with EMA10, EMA80, (CLOSE). BUY when EMA10 cross downward EMA80 (Reversal trade), SELL when EMA10 cross upward EMA80. My favourite is EURUSD 1H timeframe. Adjust EMAS, TP and SL every week. Good Luck.

The better trade is the one done by news and indicators.


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