What type of trading system do you use in Forex more often?

scalping system
27% (2340 votes)
breakout system
16% (1414 votes)
news trading system
3% (302 votes)
price and patterns based system, no indicators
12% (1064 votes)
indicators based system
30% (2605 votes)
I trade without a system
10% (905 votes)
Total votes: 8630

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It is not possible to not lose a cent, there will be up and down moments in your trading. If that's your first trading account, I'd suggest investing $400 and save everything else for later when you prove that you can make profits.
Take leverage at 200:1 to 500:1, it won't hurt if you don't trade large lots. For lots, start with 0.01 lot, trade 1 (max 2 lots) at once in the beginning.
Stops and profit goals will depend on the strategy you use as well as time frame you'll be trading in.

Hope it helps.

pls i need an adevice on my trading i have $2000 to strat with again and i dont want to loss i cent from it pls i need advice on learege to use, lot size,and take profit, stoploss,,......thanks pls reply......

News trading at first appears as a method of getting easy quick profits, but in reality it requires deeper knowledge of economic indicators and their relationships in order to trade news. Basically, a trader has to know in advance where the marker will most likely head before the release is out, because entering trades upon releases or even if you do so with limit orders(!) proves to be quite unreliable in the long run.


I often trade for days. And I normally win around 100-500 pips.

I trade without a system and it works... i feel the secret is decipline...depending on how the day starts i trade accordingly.

Really,i think a trader should be dynamic, and learn to apply a trading system according to what the market dictates.

why not...


nice one!

thanks Peter!

Hi guys,
I like the vote, funny enough the result reflects my preference:
I use scalping on three EMA's: 10,21 and 50, on EURUSD 15M, focusing on the 10-EMA to cross over both, 21 and 50 EMA. After a close off the 50 I enter, setting my Stop 5 pips above last candle (the one, which closed off 50 EMA). I do not set a fixed Profit, however change frequently to the 5M to observe if a reversal is near, which would be my signal to exit. For orientation I use ADX 14 with it, however just use it to check/orientat (+ above _ or vice versa, pressure/momentum etc.).

I do like convergence set-ups as they are pretty safe from my experience. For example do I use a combination of two averages, say 50 and 100 EMA and check their relation with overbought/oversold. I buy when the averages are in buy and the market is oversold and vice versa. One can use several Indicators for the identification of overbought/oversold. Pretty save shot on the longer charts, say at least 1H.

Very good system is Complex No. 3, Divergence, top system, which I like very much.

Well that's it in a nut-shell.

No! something else: I do not believe in un-observed trades, I close at the end of NY-trade in time, even if I have to accept a small loss.
Also am I not exactly a friend of trading robots, I find these quite invasive and some even quite pompous/indecent by arguing with this life-style-BS (sorry). What I also observe is that certain of these sites recommend each other in a circle, which is more....

Cheers from sunny "No-Problem-Country" Jamaica

Someone wise said,"if you know what you are doing, you are trading, if you don't, you are gambling" ... hence the system is necessary.


hello everybody..i think that these days the best strategy is news.. i have alot of profit by news and i hope it for all ..but you shall take care and study the market and the details of the news good luck ayman-jordan

if you trading without system you are going to hate forex soon..

I am a indicators based system trader, IMHO having a sounded "EXITING" strategy is the most important of all in any single trade. It often put our psychological mind to the limit and it is often set apart a winning or losing trade.


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