Forex trading strategy #7-a (The "stupid guy" system)

Submitted by Wolf (Riza Hariadi)

HELlo! Im Back. Im Wolf from Indonesia

Today I want to share my "Stupid Guy" Trading System that can make pips up to 50-100 pip a day! ^_^

Lets go!

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Hi Mr Wolf and other experienced Traders !

I am very much new to forex but I noticed your strategies very srimple but very effective. I wish to give a try and follow your system but I am not able to get MACD like shown in your photo from my Metatrader 4. Please help me advicing me how to get it and down loaded in my Meta. Any one, please help me ......[email protected]

35 45 30 was referred to MACD settings, where:
35 is for fast EMA
45 is for Slow EMA
30 is for the signal


Hi !
There is wrote, Set it to 35 45 30.
In my protrader i have
Which one, should be 35 ? 45 ? 30 ?

come on guys, we all know that this only works when markets are trending nicely. you'll get whipsawed when markets are ranging. every 10 year old kid can trade a trending market. all ya have to do ist jump on the bus for a ride.

hy germantrader33 can you put your macd here because my macd don't show the red and green bar or if anyone can put here for download i will be grateful

hi guys, Gizaiga here,

i just made a twitter account that gives alerts for this system. you can follow and subscribe via sms. its

all the best!

which timeframes are you scalping with this? cheers

I try this method for scalping...
Thanks to God its working...
10 pips per trade for 30 minutes...

Hi guys my name is Gizaiga from Kenya.

I've been using this method (30, 50, 20 M15) and it is proving to be very profitable. i'm making 200+ pips per week. I was wondering : is there a subscription service out there - free or a paid one that can send me sms alerts when the MACD crosses? I've found many email subscriptions but i prefer sms because i want my phone to ring when the MACD crosses. It would save alot of time that i spend staring at the charts all day and night.
If there is anyone out there who knows of such an sms service please help the rest of us.

Otherwise let me take this opportunity to thank Wolf from the bottom of my heart for sharing this extremely profitable system.

mmm... U can use the bar if u dont have 2 lines. When the bar touching 0 line that mean the 2 lines are crossing.

I understand doubling your account to cover losses, but you will have to be careful. If you get a few losses in a row it could blow your account.

Here i give you the secret when you get the loss. Its a secret when you use system "1-4 available trade per day, and one or two of it always profit"

Double your lot from precious loss-lot. example,first use 0.01, if loss 0.02 if still loss 0.04 if still loss you can use 0.08 (theres one always profit, right?), set it to cover your previous loss, and add little more TP or you just make it covering all previous loss. i see the stupid guy system can have 1 until 4 trade per day. 1 of them always profit. So, you can use this trick to cover the loss. (please test and train it first)


Oh my god. Im so sorry.

Please test it before use it. i change my blog to (as you can see, i change it very often, better to contact at my facebook)

Therese many people asking it to my facebook.

Actually, i dont use this anymore (no particular reason). Im trying to find a better system that look like this. (i'll talk about it later)

but if you still want to use this system, i hope you test it first.

If you confuse about the MACD and I gentor, please read this.

Theres no big difference on macd setting. I just change it to make it more perfect and smoother. Use any setting here that suitable for you, just remember, Bigger setting = smoother = more late.

if the i gentor is repaint, u can use any indicator that shows bigger trend.

I want to tell you too how i trade right now.

1. I no longer be able to always keep my eye on the monitor, im starting my study at culinary, so while i trade, i joined managed account.

but lets talk about the trade.

2. when i have time, i use system that look like this (15 minute EU chart, 1-3 trade per day), but with a ready indicator. i found it in a paid website (i cant mention it here, because i get it free)

you can use my new system (please test it first), contact me, ill give you free. or (may i post it here?) (too lazy to update my blog, though, hehe sorry)

my facebook : [email protected]

or you can still use stupid guy system above. I heard a user make 1000 pip from this. Im glad :) but how he did it? whats the best? i don't know. lets hear his answer :) or maybe edward willing to help how to improve this stupid guy system to make it better?

if you ask me whats the perfect setting, i dont know. really. All setting is perfect if you know how to disarm the deficiency and make it comfortable for yourself (i believe each people have their own favorite indicator)

contact me, ill help you with everything i can.

best regard.



Hi all, could anybody give the latest update on the complete system with this? Finalize it and let us all try it :)


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