Forex trading strategy #7-a (The "stupid guy" system)

Submitted by Wolf (Riza Hariadi)

HELlo! Im Back. Im Wolf from Indonesia

Today I want to share my "Stupid Guy" Trading System that can make pips up to 50-100 pip a day! ^_^

Lets go!

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hi Wolf. And everyone else.

Wolf since your post I started playing with larger numbered stoc. I see that you use it also. What I have done is overlayed two stoc, (50-3-3)(200-3-3) and also Accumulation/distribution. you will see that it is a very telling story. looks jumbled at first but notice how the 200 stoc. and a/d tell you wether new highs or lows will be reached technically.

Hello Wolf
Please tell me how long have you been trading your system live,and what have the results been like,as i see there have been quite a few losses over the last month.

1 usually set stop loss in the latest swing high (for sell) / swing low (for buy).

2. Maybe because im In indonesia GMT+7. yes, Im using 30 50 20. its faster.

3. of course, every system have to be tried first.

its a long story, i dont know where to start. lets say, i want to trade in small time frame, you already know in small time frame is places of whisphaw, but if i use hourly or 4H, i have to use bigger Stop Loss set and i have to wait too long..

so thats why keep thinking hard.

at first, my trading system is like this

"if under this, Sell Only, If Above this, buy only" (some people use Ema 100 or 200)

but with that system, i still don't know where to spot "Oh this is going to reverse" Ema is lagging indicator. i dont like it especially when sideways.

fortunately ive studied about Ema COnvertion. Its like this : If you use Ema 20 in hourly, it means its an ema 80 in 15 minutes.

so i try to spot "the trend" in small time frame, im a person with "everything is possible when you know how to" mindset.

i want to find the most high of swing high and the most low of swing low, and thats how i found this. "how can i eliminate whipshaw but using the small time frame?"

Thats how it started ^^


Hey Wolf,

thank you for sharing your system. I have also a question. How did you hit the settings 35 45 30? Is that a result from trying?


Wolf I wonder if Your chart is GMT time or a different one, because I confronted both charts mine that is GMT and Yours and I noticed that Your chart shows a different MACD crossing than mine, of course We talk of yesterday the 13th. I have an MACD crossing going up aroud 6.45am GMT maybe 7.00 but on Your chart it is around 12.15 more or less so I wonder if You have the chart set on a different time table? I checked with both MACD sets I mean with the 30 50 20 as well (I believe that was Your suggestion as well!) and both do not coincide. I apologise if I am missing something. Al

Looks a good system please tell me what stop loss do you have to trade your system.

great what level of trailing stop would you use

above the picture u can download MACD with double line. thank you for unknown user.

Was the question about the 2nd line ever answered? Exactly what is it which is what we need to know to place it on the chart.

Hey all. If 'not satisfied enough, you can change the MACD to 30 50 20. Its the same, but faster ^^

Hello. this is Wolf ^^ hope you already make pips ^^

Now ill put picture how to use Stochastic to help to entry.

As you see above, when macd crossed, but stochastic is not starting from Over Bought / Over Sold Area, this system is not so profitable (signed X).

you can compare it with another position (signed circle).

Oh one more, You can wait stochastic for OB / OS for the close ^_^

Happy trading ^^



macd with 2 mas

macd with the 2 mas

for Bart, I use 20 pip. but usually i wait the stoch for OB/OS for close.

Hey I'm Wolf.

umm.. I remember Edward posted it how to set double line MACD somewhere in other strategy. i'll search it after this.

Oh, I forgot to put my name on previous comment. Put the stochastic 45 25 2 on your chart. Open when Stoch line starting form OB / OS. I know you can see how the system is.

Happy Trading ^_^



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