Forex trading strategy #7-a (The "stupid guy" system)

Submitted by Wolf (Riza Hariadi)

HELlo! Im Back. Im Wolf from Indonesia

Today I want to share my "Stupid Guy" Trading System that can make pips up to 50-100 pip a day! ^_^

Lets go!

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Hey im wolf. I just created my blog.

Please visit my blog

hopefully useful ^_^


So you're saying that when the MACD histogram flips over from +ve to -ve or vice versa, we will enter our trade accordingly. If so, will it be a bit too late sometimes as the trend could have already progressed half way before it "flips" over?

the system isnt good at all...

Hi wolf thanks for the grt strtgy but i m still waiting for the answer from the 1000 pips guy

Many MACD indicators for downloading here:

I use metastock and with macd I only get to choose 1 parameter can I get a little help

Yes, i would also like to know ur exact 1000 pips strategy, plz share it with uus, what wolf last said is

15 minute
MACD 24 52 18
And this two indicator


How did you achieve 1000 pips within 1 & 1/2 months using this strategy ? It is amazing result!

What is the special SETUP you use ( what is your Setup for MACD and do you add any indicators) ?

Could you share us your SETUP ? I you can, please include some

I ask you this question because Wolf uses many SETUP for MACD. His first Setup was 35 45 30. Then he changed to 30 50 20. Then he changed to 30 50 25 . Later, he added Stochastic 45 25 2. Then he subtituted Stochastic by using Damiani_volatmeter_v3.2.ex4 Indicator.

Finally, he said:

Now i can do so much better with this:

15 minute
MACD 24 52 18
And this two indicator

Damiani_volatmeter_v3.2_0.ex4 (right click + save link as..)

Thanks in advance


On January 19th I submitted a comment how I am using this system and average 60+ pips per day. I am a 15 year fx trader, series 3 and a CTA. I want to comment once again on this system. Basically it works very very well. In about 1 1/2 months I have achieved about 1000 pips using this system. Now I do this full time so I am able to trade more often than many people but this works great! So simple that many people overlook this style of trading. I have seen many strategies on this site using multiple indicators etc that they are more of a burden than help. Then comes along the "stupid guy" system and well what do you know simple does work. I would call this "smart guy" because smart traders would be wise to use this. Thanks again.

Dear there is no way you can trade MACD alone. It has got lots of limitations specially in ranging market. I would advise you to combine it with other indicators.

Please help me
I'm trying to use wolf's tactic but I obtain a reverse MACD and MACD histogram. I don´t understand why the MACD and MACDH go down when EURUSD go up, and MACD and MACDH go up when EURUSD go down.
See my chart in image uploaded

Hello Wolf. Interesting system. I did some quick backtesting and it seems profitable. I will try. Thanks.

I am a 15year forex trader, series 3 and a CTA. Have been using this for about a month and yes I am averaging about 60 pips a day with this. I do not trade on Fridays. I have shown a few of my clients this system. I like it because it is so easy. Nice job!

Thanks Wolf. I'm a advanced Beginner. Have almost constantly lost money with pratice accounts. This is working!! Nothing wrong with Keep It Simple Stupid. Tx again, Griff

Hi, thanks for sharing your strategy.
I am kind of new to the MT4 platform and I was wondering, is it possible to make an alert when those lines cross?


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