Forex trading strategy #7-a (The "stupid guy" system)

Submitted by Wolf (Riza Hariadi)

HELlo! Im Back. Im Wolf from Indonesia

Today I want to share my "Stupid Guy" Trading System that can make pips up to 50-100 pip a day! ^_^

Lets go!

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download IMACD.ex4 search it on google


I had put it above.


Hi! I've noticed that the characters of Damiani that I have download was not in english,that's why it has an error when I tried to put it on mt4. can you help me on how can i get this Damiani....thanks


Now i can do so much better with this:

15 minute
MACD 24 52 18
And this two indicator


how to use Damiani : trade when green above the grey line. Dont trade when grey line above the green (be patient)

Hot to use I-Gentor :
- To make it easier, change the color dodge blue to green, and yellow to red.
- To use it, entry when above and below line are the same color.

Combine the Macd cross, I-gentor, and the Damiani. (I put the Macd Inside the I-gentor for better view)

Happy Trading ^_^


Iam not Wolf , but i tested this with the mentioned MACD setting, Heiken Ashi Overlay and Damiani default settings only for about a week in demo forward testing on EUR/USD and some CFD´s on 15min TF. It works good but it´s obviously much to short to say if it realy works in the long run
The nice thing about this strat is that it allows relativ tight stop losses compared to the expected win.

Iam not a big fan of clutter the chart with indicators but after the Hollidays i´ll try it with CCI8 to allow tighter entries and earlier exists if the trade goes in opposite direction shortly after you opened it.

How long have you use this strategy? is it reliable?
what settings the best? 30 50 20, damiani, 15min?

The Damiani makes it better.thanks ^_^

i put here so everyone can download it.


happy Trading ^_^


Instead of filtering it with Stochastic i tried a volatility indicator called "Damiani Signal/Noise" (its free available, at least for MT4, across the net just ask google)

It doesn´t repaint and in my opinion its faster and more reliable then other indicators who should help you not getting whipsawed. It works realy well with Wolfs approach imho .

Here is the screenshot. I think it is self-explanatory.

Best regards

very nice setup and it works fine.
I try a variation of your system for the M5 Timeframe with settings MACD 12-21-20.
The attachment shows my setting with my trades today afternoon (UTC +1).
And today (12.16.) was a relatively bad tradingday. For this, i think a very good result.
Thank you for sharing your nice and easy system.

Best regards from Germany

Hello Wolf
Yes i have you facebook details i will contact you there,i,m testing some filters and will let you know how goes as i like your system,can show real good results,however we need to address the losses to make it even better.
Talk to you soon

my facebook and twitter is in page one. under the "-wolf-" word.

Yes indeed, there are a little bit loss here.

i tried to filter it with changing it to 30 50 25

and i tried to double it too. 60 100 50 (but you have to be really patient with this)

glad to wait for your results. \(^_^)/


Hello Wolf
I think that your system is very good,however if you look back there are quite a few losses,that maybe we could find a filter to cut those losses down,look around 20 nov to present you will see the losses on eurusd 15min chart.
i am checking a few other filters and will let you know my results.
Wolf please tell me how to contact you via facebook.
Best Regards

For those who are asking how to get a two line MACD in MT4... search web for "good macd". Download the tool to your PC. Paste it into your platform under indicators file and reopen the platform. There it is, you'll see it in the indicators.


first, what is your name? how i can contact you?

its 2 week.

you can say the result is 10:2

what made you loss? tell me. put the picture of your chart.


if you have further question and want immediate answer, please contact me on facebook, im almost 24/7.


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