Forex Brokers that Allow Scalping: Research and Results

The topic of Forex Brokers allowing scalping is always actual and sensitive.

The list of UNLIMITED Scalping Forex Brokers contains most detailed information about best Forex brokers for scalping.

I was looking for answers in various forums, tried searching with keywords in search engines, tried reading policies and FAQs on the websites of different Forex brokers for scalping...
It seemed like I had only guesses, but nothing solid to rely on.

And then I came up with a simple solution - sending customer support inquiries to the different Forex brokers...

My question to all of them was the same:

“Do you allow scalping? By scalping I mean holding a position for less than 1 minute.”

That’s it.
Today, I’d like to share with you what my research has revealed.
So, brokers allowing or not allowing scalping...

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I traded with the Easy-Forex platform. There it is necessary to stay at least two minutes on the trade

Finexo doesn't allow scalping and so does ForexWebTrader, since ForexWebTrader is an IB for Finexo.


How about FINEXO? FOREXWEBTRADER? Did you have any experience in these brokers?

Beware - iTrade Capital Markets Ltd ("ICM")

Is a tricky, risky, problematic broker, they took from my account USD 3000 without any warning, because they play against you in the market, so if you earn to much money they will close you account.

They accuse me that I was using some estrange and super advanced software that is not an EA and kick me out taking for them the money I earn in the market.

They are a bull shit broker and it is not serious one

BEWARE the data you see in the demo count is not real, when you go to the real account the prices are different.

yes, they do.


I want to know if Fxpro allow scalping.

I am not surprised by FXCM not responding promptly to emails. Other times, they replied with a standard reply regarding opening an account. Their customer service via emails is unimpressive. I prefer brokers with an outstanding helpful service.

I personally hadn't, but I saw both Alpari and Citi allow scalping.


Does anyone know about citifxpro? Has anyone had any dealings with them?

Thanks for your usefull information. But do you asked Alpari Broker if they allow scalping?

Hello everybody! I've got some very fresh experience with E*TRADE SPREADBETTING and would like to share it with those who has any illusions regarding this company. I'd been successfully trading on news within the tight timeframes usually of 2-10 minutes(so I suppose it's even worse for market maker broker then common scalping strategy as I used to take 20-30 pips per trade in 70% of cases) trading with big or maximum stakes. However, soon I have fount that the honeymoon is over.

Yes, you can trade untill they notice you - in my case it was about two weeks. Then I've been put on the dealer refferal and the nightmare has began: I was not allowed to close profitable positions until it turn into losses, my stop losses orders were not executed with no reason (no market gaps)- it was closed only when phoned the dealer line and almost shout at them, etc.


It is definetely breaking the FSA regulations and I'm not going to leave them in piece, though would appreciate if you will share your story on fighting with broker through the FSA. By the way I am also looking for the UK broker suitable for the short term news trading (where the spreads either fixed or have small variability) and would be glad if you suggest the good one.

Alpari allows scalping.
Often brokers are desperately trying to "keep the trademark" by posing no significant restrictions on scalping, but at the same time look to control scalping activity "from the backyard" so that they don't get a heavy hit from a bunch of highly profitable scalpers.

ECN brokers should not care about scalpers, since ECN brokers doen't make money on spreads, in fact, the more their clients trade, the more commissions the broker will earn.

Market makers will be watching scalpers, no matter how loose or tight their scalping policy is. If a scalper is very profitable, he'll soon get on the list of "least favorite clients", and as a result will become a candidate for manual execution, requotes, and possible account closing if things can "no longer be tolerated" by a broker and a scalper doesn't change the strategy.


pls, does alpari allow scalping?

I've read ff avidly for a year, plus traded forex a little while.

Commission brokers probably won't care, spread brokers will. Thus, the more explicit the conditions a spread broker puts in their positive answer are, the more likely they'll play with your account.
Also, spread brokers trade against your position, so anytime you consistently make profits is another time when they'll mess with your account.

It surprised me FX Club answered as conditionally as they did; one of their platforms is ECN. Also, Saxo Bank is fairly big, and yet did the same.

That's humorous about FXCM. They love mucking around with communication with their customers.

Every time you enter a trade, there is a spread to pay, which makes you start in the negative pips territory. If you scalp, you look to cover the cost of spread in about 20-30 seconds after the entry and the rest is a profit to "grab and run" - often 1-2 pips, 5 pips at most.

Good scalping technique takes into account spreads and makes quick wins despite the initial trading cost.



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