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I'm glad to open a new section of our website dedicated to trading methods, techniques and ideas.
Here, me and my team, and hopefully you as well, will be sharing our favorite trading methods, for example, the best method to exit a trade, the best method to filter trading signals, a favorite method to identify ranging markets, a favorite entry method etc.

As you can see, it is all about splitting a trading process into distinctive parts and perfecting each part separately.

Creating a complete system takes time, focusing on one part of it is much easier and, in fact, oftentimes is more effective; and that's what we'll be doing here!

I hope to make this page one of you favorite pages and see you among our regular visitors and active participants.

Truly yours,
Edward Revy
and my best Forex Strategies Team

Hello, new trader but so far making profit of about 5 percent a month consistitly. I stumbled upon something but do not know how to back test it. Its very simple. Almost scary. I only flipped through the past on big up turns and down turns and flat times and everytime i can make about 5 to 10 pips daily. I will say what it is if anyone can back test it please let me know the results. Thank u in advance. Gdp/usa. Buy at opening no matter what price is or buy at last second before it closes. Set sell at 5 to 10 pips above buy price. Thats it. If it does not sell you just buy again next day to get your average down. Not once did i see t would ruin a modest account. Also try just selling it at. Los and start new next day. Not sure which would be more profitable. Anyone can try this?

dont wait till it hurt you use 2 MA.7MA and 5MA and you will smile to the bank

I wonder if Sam from Switzerland still feels the same what about Obama will do for our country. Just a thought. It was the first thing I read when I started investigating your forum and it peaked a question in my mind as to how other countries rated Obama about 3 years in office. Sorry, I know this is not the place for this foolishness. But you must admit, it is an intersting question. Boy did that ever get me off track. Actually, my system is so simple that it works, almost all of the time. But I do not believe I could explain it as it has taken me a very long time to learn how to read the signals. I rarely make more than $300 on a trade and lose less than that on the few I lose. The only problem is being able to make enough trades to make the amount of money I would like to make. The only way around it is to trade multiple contracts and then it would work. That requires extending the risk on each trade since a larger contracts automatically opens the risk up. I plan on sneaking up on it with the addition of some minis to the full contract until I get my account built up to where the addtional risk will be no longer be a problem.

The set ups only come in times of an active market and that time factor is short in the states. I have about 4 hours each day that offers good trading times whereas my system works well. Other times I just as soon be on the golf course or fishing. Of course, risk management is a necessary component of the system and it is what allows me to make money even when I lose a few trades.

Hi Edward

May I suggest you add a section with point and figure trading. When the treders and broker working without computers, this system make a lot of money for them. I´m folow the system on but is very dificult to find information and trading strategies for forex with this sytem.

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I have been trading live for 3 years. I have finally begun to have consistency in my trading. Here is what has been working for me in summary:

1. I have a checklist that I do daily ( at the end of the trading day and at the start of the New York/European session). This checklist will highlight those conditions necessary to follow through with trade setups for my 3 trading strategies: 2 are trend based, 1 is range based.

2. Strategy 1. Tom Demark trendline hold strategy (as found on this site)
Strategy 2. Tom Demark trendline break strategy ( entry based on pull back after confirmed price action and momentum)
Strategy 3. Range upper and lower bound trading - I look only at traditionally ranging pairs eg. EUR/CHF, EUR/GBP, etc.

3. After doing my checklist I ONLY consider trades that meet my criteria. Otherwise I don't trade. If nothing triggers. I don't trade. PEIORD.

4. If and when a trade does trigger, I calculate my risk before time and use no more than 2-5% of my account on my stop loss. This allows me to open larger lot sizes, however to additionally manage my risk I use a partial close ea that ALWAYS brings each trade to breakeven after 10 pips plus 1 pip. I then take off my profits incrementally as the trade progreses. Although some may not suscribe to this method of profit taking , I have seen over time that this has worked bestfor me base on the current extreme volitility being experienced in the market. Because of this exit method I rearely have loosing trades. Even if I get stopped out after breaking even I have the oppourtunity to enter again on a better set-up.

5. I have found that systematically doing my trades in this manner has made be more successful as a trader over time.

Trinidad and Tobago

Sorry, I don't solve such situations. I have no power to give any financial advice on this site, even if it means simply telling where to buy/sell tomorrow.

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hi Edward ,

I am in deep trouble.My 4 accounts has been in die situation. All of them are ruling with the help of hedging. I desperately need a sure shot.Can you recommended me to give some useful and surely would hit.

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Hi Mat,

this thread should help:
How to start writing a trading system?

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hi folks, do you know about some online strategy builder and tester. I have concepts and ideas but no programming knowledge (e.g.mq4). I have tried strategy builder, but pretty much dissapointed by its limitations.


Hi NewBoy,

Please email me the names of files (or a link to the webpage) using the contact form on this website.

I'll send you the files.


Dear Edward,

I have difficulty opening some of the files uploaded here, those .rar files.
Anyway to extract this folders? Thanks. NewBoy

Yes, I get this question many times.
Below is the link that would provide the answer:

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Hi Edwards,
I am not sure if you have answered this questions before, but I was just curious, out of all the strategies that are posted in this site, what is the strategy that you like the most? the strategy that revealed to be most successful?


Forex is your own mindset...A proactive mindset that you have developed ''on the job'' over time, one that has enabled you master trend signals through certain ''simple'' and noticeable signals and pointers ''that have always been staring at u right on your very own trading platform''. Mindset Forex trading is a clear example of ''what you seek from afar lies in front of u''. Nobody necessarily needs indicators or robots...those are just notions and propaganda created by software experts just to get people brainwashed for their own commercial benefits like antivirus softwares were created by the same people who created the virus. Conclusively, You can learn forex by yourself and trade by yourself....freehand....NO expensive software additives or auxiliaries needed. I am a living witness of the fact that most indicators help u make big profit and BIG LOSSES! If u wish to findout how to trade me on +2348071769479. I trust my head more than any robot, so follow ur head and not your heart....c'mon...Lets get this money!!!

you can simply use the contact form on this website to get in touch with Edward.


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