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Price action strategy based on the simple support/resistance level with candle patterns and channels.
Candle patterns used are Pin bar and engulfing bar.

Process how to make the analysis:
1. draw channels, uptrend and downtrend, so you can see where the market is moving
2. draw support/resistance levels moving from monthly time frame to daily time frame
3. Mark the conluence leves. Confluence level is where the horizontal support/resistance level intersect with channels which means there will be confluence of buyers and sellers
4. If the candle patterns appear on the confluence level it will be the sign of a market move whuich can be also a sign to enter into the trade

More details is shown here where each week a weekly analsis is published:

DWL3 system, AKA DT2 Indicators PSAR (0.02,0.2,0.02 Colour White size 2) Bollinger Bands, 21 period 2 Std Dev (Mid line set to invisible) Upper and lower Aqua Bollinger Bands, 21 period 1 Std Dev (Mid line set to invisible) Upper and lower Blue Bollinger Bands, 21 period 0.1 Std Dev Mid Line Green (Up)/Red (Down) Upper and lower White EMA 8, Yellow or Gold EMA 13, Green Uptrend and Red Downtrend) MACD 12 26 9 (MACD colour coded) Timescale – Any time frame, any faster moving major markets on lower time frames. Any on Higher time frames. ...
My strategy may sound simple and probably stupid, but I have discovered it works. Here it goes; The brain is a very complex organ. It's able to recognize patterns subconsciously. Looking at the screen keenly every day, it will prompt you to pick a pattern you did before especially if it was a successful trade. This mostly works on the Japanese candlesticks. Related to the above is that some of the strategies I have seen being taught, my subconscious says, 'you have that already'

hello this is egudu, it's been quite a while since i read or saw any new strategy or ideas,please fellow trades bring it on. Here is a simple but effective strategy.
currency: eur/usd
time frame: 5mins
indicator: alligator jaws set to 478 with shift 55, all others remain the same.also set it to high with any colour.
indicator: alligator:jaw set to 478 with shift 55, all others remain the same, also set it to low with any colour.

entry: enter a buy when prices crosses the alligator channel up, take profit is usually 50-100pips. or your choice.

enter a sell when price crosses the chennel down with a take profit of 50-100pips, or your choice.
try it to share your experince.

take any pair daily chart.Mark previous day's high & low,place pending orders 2-3 pips above or below previous day's high & low respectively,notice that the current mkt.breaking thru previous day's high or low & taking your trade. place t/p & s/l 30-40 pips.


I have been loking at pair correlation lately. There are a few interesting ideas. One that jumps to mind is when two highy correlated pairs go in differnet directions.

For ex. EUR/USD goes up when GPB/USD goes down. Then you sell the first one and buy the second, thinking that the pairs will "pull together" rather sooner than later. The question is: what are the triggers and exits for such a strategy? Anybody trading this kind of setups?

Aslo, and this a purelu rhethorical question. If I don t have the answer to this, I won t lose any sleep. When you read that a two pairs are correlated 80% of the time over a year, how do you define "time"? I know it is over a year, but does it mean that if you look at the weekly chart over the past year you will find the two pairs going the same way 80% of the time? Or is it on the daily chart? Hourly? etc. Do you understand what I am getting at? It sorts of puzzles me a bit.

Anyway, if someone can elaborate on the higly correlated pirs trading idea above, I would appreciate.



******** FOREX MONEY PRINT STRATEGY *************

Hi Fellow Traders

I have trading a simple and straigtforward strategy which gave me 80% wins for 2 months with a 1:1 risk/reward. I want to get the opinon of others to possibly a fluent programmer to do a back test to check if the strategy is profitable in the long run.

Currency Pair: GBPJPY
Time: Tokyo Open and London Open

Set a Buy Stop order 20 pip above the opening price and a sell stop order 20 pips below the opening price.
The take profit is 40 pips for both the orders and no stop loss is used.

The Results:

1. Buy pending order is triggered and Buy T/P is achieved (40 pip gain) or
2. Sell pending order is triggered and Sell T/P is achieved (40 pip) or
3. Buy Pending order is triggered but Buy T/P is not achieved, the market reverses and the Sell order is triggered (40 pip loss)
4. Sell Pending order is triggered but Sell T/P is not achieved, the market reverses and the Buy order is triggered (40 pip loss)

The strategy has been highly profitable for me so far, However, I am still not confident to start compounding. Any constructive feedback, comments and advice are welcome as we are all in this together for the same purpose. Make our lives better.

My strategy is a variation of the common use of RSI to spot divergence, indicating that price will change direction.

I use two RSIs on top of each other (the only way to do this is to drag n drop them from the Navigator pane - you cannot put two indictors in the same window using the Indicators icon on the upper MT4 tool bar).

Set one RSI to 'high' and the other RSI to 'low', both period 4, and give them different colours so you know which is which. Select the thinnest line width.

When looking for bearish divergence, look at the RSI high, and for bullish divergence look at the RSI low. Using two RSIs in this way will show up many more divergences, previously missed by using only one RSI set to close.

If you also put a RSI set to 'close', with your favourite period, in another window, you will see that this one will miss many divergences which the other high/low RSIs will pick up.

I hope you find this RSI variation useful.


MACD indicator with 5 minutes chart for major currencies results in high success rate.Key is to book profit within few minutes.News trading is great tool and help to make huge gains if information is used properly.Go to forexfactory for details...Key is to book profit within few minutes from breakout.

Combination of above two has helped me to make regular pips(10-30 a day)

Also you're welcome to share strategies & screenshots at our forum:
where you can also keep your trading Journal and share success with traders.

Happy trading!

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