Forex strategies and ideas under development

That's probably that missing link we needed for our website — a page with ideas and strategies under development!

While making a final well balanced trading system is challenging for any trader (be you a beginner or a pro), almost all of us have some bright ideas about specific parts of Forex trading routine: good entries, ideal exits, excellent stops etc.

On behalf of our Team I'd like to welcome you to join our discussion area where we are going to look at new trading ideas and innovative approaches, make notes and conduct testing, and, of course, share trading strategies that are still under development.

Should I add that I'm truly excited about this new opportunity, because I also have my not-so-old-not-so-new notebook, where I carefully wrote down interesting ideas which sparked in my mind over the time.

I didn't know how to properly introduce them since they never grown into a system, they've never been traded live, they remained just ideas - the ideas, which someone else somewhere might be looking for, the ideas which could make someones' trading better!

I'm giving all the credits for this new page to a person, who submitted to us the first strategy under development thus making all of us think about where we should publish it :). Thank you.

Let's create together!
Edward Revy
and my best Forex Strategies team

Forex strategies under development:

Please send to the email found on this page:

Hi, I have a profitable indicator and would be happy to share it. How do I submit it? Bodhi

Thank you, Morgan

It's been posted - system #27.

Kind regards,


I want to submit my strategy and get some opinions. I hope i post at the right place.

Best regard and thank you


Thanks a lot Edward for all the strategies here published ,you are a good man God bless you and your family .Luis

Thank you, Azim

Sure, I will.
On Monday-Tuesday it'll be up.

Kind regards,

Hello Edward ;)

Its me, Azim=D...for the last 2 days i submitted my strategy, so i hope u will post it later soon because i believe it can make consistent pips around 20-40 pips per day;)

Just check it out yeaa~ =D

hi nice website keep it up and do more work on it

Hi Ram,

Start here:


Hi ,

I am Ram and i am a Technical Architect, i am a beginner into this Forex and financial instruments.i used to buys IPO and small stocks,but now i realise all i made was a pure luck. i had some education into Trading in last 1 year , but only problem with me is i am greedy, i lost 1000 pounds with greed. instead of practising,i had put huge amount per point on forex without looking at charts. now i realised that having good and working charts and a working system is something everyone has to concentrate before begin and i have started with forex,but now i am confused, how to start and where to start.please help me. what is the first lesson to start with.

i am starting with economic indicators like inflation and also let me know how to look at news and what parameters to look at it.



Good work Edward. i did MBA in Management and HRM.and i am familiar with different trading methods, techniques and ideas.. and i have a experience of working in different reputed firms.. i want to get some more certifications online so now a days i am doing mcsa. this is online certification regarding to networking and troubleshooting and this is good for my career grooming..


Marry Davidson

Hi George,

I believe that trading only by price action without using any indicators is one of the healthy ways to trade Forex, although not always the easiest one. At the same time, I like adding an indicator or two to the chart to visualize trends and momentum.

I'm familiar with Ross Hook method, but I didn't work further on it beyond studying the theory.
Here are two simple PDF files on Ross Hook from my archives:


Also how about this interesting pattern:

Hope this helps a bit.


Hi Edward,

Thank you for your help and support. Your website is a great place to share concepts and ideas. Thank you for setting it up. You have always been great at offering insights.

I wanted to post an idea concerning the Ross Hook created by famous futures trader Joe Ross. He claims that no indicators of any kind are needed in order to trade the strategy successfully. I have not read any of his literature but am shortly going to seek out his book at my local bookstore and read it. I will probably be more confident to post something on this in the future on some unspecified date when I have some solid research to disclose.

In the meantime, do you have any insights on the Ross Hook? I wanted to know if you have any information on this chart pattern. I know that it is an easy to detect 1-2-3 formation with a simple to understand breakout point. I have read a PDF online by Mark Crisp another famous trader who claims to have discovered it as well.

To me honest, the idea of trading with no indicators on the chart is quite refreshing and different. I know that trend followers like Richard Dennis traded with no indicators either for entry and exit only for stop determination and position size. But to trade with no indicators at all is virtually unheard of! To think that you can trade just on price action itself is very fascinating indeed. However, the thought of trading without at least one indicator acting as a security blanket makes me feel somewhat vulnerable.

Whatever insights that you can offer while I conduct my research would be greatly appreciated.



Dear Tom Spira
10sec and 30 sec chart is used from me from time to time.
With 30-sec.-chart I've made good experience with GBP/JPY and EUR/JPY and ichimoku 10,30,60 in conjunction with Heikin-Ashi-Candles.
Ticks?,.., I don't use. But it seems interesting, when there are any good systematical ideas.
Kind regards

I don't.


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