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This page is dedicated to feedbacks we receive from our users.

We'd like to thank everybody who has shared with us the joy of learning and trading Forex! We are constantly working on bringing more and more interesting and useful content, new Forex trading strategies and trading ideas for the benefit of every trader who wants to learn and be successful!

We are doing this for free and the motivation for that we get from our users taking their time to write comments, feedbacks and suggestions. It is a big interaction and co-operation where everyone benefits!

Thank you once again and happy successful trading everyone!

Edward Revy
and my best Forex strategies Team.

Grant sent a message using the contact form at

Good day Edward,
Thank you for this website. It is the most useful resource that I have come
across. Everything is explained so well and the older posts by Edward are
absolute gold! I have tried the 'Advanced strategy #10' by Myronn and it
works well.

Thank you again for sharing your knowledge.

Mihailo Zoric sent a message using the contact form at

Thank you for creating a very useful, concise and to-the-point web site.
This is one of the rare sites where people can find useful strategies FOR
FREE that they can apply and test immediately, as well as good texts about
Forex in general. Usually, someone is trying to sell you something,
convince you to take a Forex-course of 3000$ etc.

Keep up the good work, all new wanna be traders (like me) need sites like these much more than you think...

Alpha sent a message using the contact form at

Hello.....I am new to forex trading and I came upon your site while searching for forex strategies. I am writing this note to thank you all for
your service. Know that you are helping many people you might never meet
but who nonetheless feel a deep gratitude toward you. You can be proud!!!

Kerry Kirkland sent a message using the contact form at

A MOST EXCELLENT little site!!
Frankly, you are about the BEST around for the beginner practicing on
OANDA (and they are the best practice platform around). I may be asked to
teach a course on FOREX and your materials and site will be used
Please keep up the GOOD WORK!!

Kerry Kirkland
Bridgerland Applied Technology College

Krishna sent a message using the contact form at

Hi guys!!

I am a forex beginner and have been visiting this site for the past 2
months. This is the best site for anybody who wants to excel in trading the
forex market.

Edward and his team are wonderful people who intend to help everybody by
presenting various trading systems free of cost. They answer each and every
question we have with great patience. I am extremely thankful to them and
believe God has already reserved for them a special spot in heaven.

My favorite system in advanced trend line break method. As Edward says it
for sure gives you a profit 90 out of 100 times. I opened my live account a
week back and this system is the best to grow one's account.

Thanks again guys, you are the best!!:)

Lee Cheow Yong sent a message using the contact form at

Hi, i am new to forex and maybe it's fate that i came across your site. At first, i am quite surprised that there are so many free forex strategy in your site for us to use.I did not actually believe it and thought to myself that maybe this is some kind of advertisment strategy to trick us into buying the real forex strategy system.

But then after a few more looking into your site, i think i am quite wrong in my own conclusion. Well, i am very glad to come to your site and glad to know that there are still kind heart, humble and generous traders around in this world. Well, you can't blame me for saying this as you know yourself too, this world are so full of people's who are not either not a real traders or a failure traders using advertisment to make money.Thanks for your site and i will use your site as my main strategies supplier for my forex trading.

When i am more expert in the forex, i will supply my own strategies to you guys and hope everyone can earn money together. A real good trader is someone who not only learn from some wise guy, but also he is someone who is not afraid to share his experience with everyone because he know...we learn from each other! ;)))
Happy new year 2008... from a Singapore friend here!

SHANTA POLITE sent a message using the contact form at

I would like to thank you and your team for giving your ideas and system
for free it makes it easier to try different systems without spend money
you don't have being that i'm new to forex and i really want to make this
out of a career, just keep up the good work and please don't leave us. may
god bless you all

Andy P left a comment at our website:

Hi everyone,
and thanks for a fantastic site. In the past I've paid a lot, and I mean A LOT of money for some of the very same information that I have found here for free. It really is nice to see so many decent, honest people who all share the same goals of achieving financial freedom trading the forex, sharing their ideas with others. Many thanks to you all.

John left a comment at our website:

My name is John, and I am writing to congratulate you on providing a wonderful site so that people can help each other to succeed.
The world needs more like you.

I just recently discovered fx and took up the challenge. Sad to say that I am way behind, but thanks to some of the strategies outlined in these pages I may be able to redeem some, if not all of my losses.

Good luck to yourself and all those who are striving to make a success out of forex trading.

Kind regards,

Peter left a comment at our website:

I can't find the words classify how very informative this site is. I mean i've been into forex for like 3 yrs now, and never found so much information in one place. A million thanks guys keep up the good work, it's highly appreciated.

Jim left a comment at our website:

I have been trading Forex of over a year and stumbling along as I seek a strategy that fits my taste. I stumble across your website and I have been completely amazed with all of the valuable trading options. I will be a regular visitor as I use this information to help me form my own trading strategy. Thanks so much for your site.

From a grateful heart

Dr. Peter Kolbusch sent a message using the contact form at

Dear Ones, This site is truly the best I have ever seen in FX. It reflects on the
founders and visitors: This site is breathing knowledge and humbleness creating such a peaceful
and decent atmosphere, I am stunned that a site like this exists. All of you are truly wonderful people.
Cheers from Jamaica

Ahilan sent a message using the contact form at

I have been live trading for the last two years, but most of the time I
lose money, b'cos of not have self control, too greedy, and not enough
knowledge in Technical analyse. Few weeks ago, I was looking on the
internet to look for a good forex technique website, finally I found the
best website I was looking for many days. This site gives so much valuable
information and easy to understand the concept. You guys giving $5000
lesson for free. Thank you so much.

Jens sent a message using the contact form at

Dear Traders,
thank you very much for creating this useful website. This is the one of
the very rare sources for real good trading ideas.
Thank you!

Donny Simpson sent a message using the contact form at

Good afternoon,
I just wanted to let you know that you have a fabulous website. I have
been into forex trading for about six months. This is by far the best
website to help people learn and discover and share various strategies.
Thank you for your hard work and dedication, it is much appreciated. I am
working on a few strategies that I hope to soon be able to share. Thanks

Donny Simpson

JohnC sent a message using the contact form at

Dear Forex Strategies Team,

THANK YOU for sharing to us and taking the initiative to create such
wonderful site in trading. You've done a lot of help to both old and new to
forex trading. More power and God bless you all. Please keep it up. =) =)

John sent a message using the contact form at

Hi to all the Team,

I am a newbie in Forex and so far this is the best forex site I've ever
visited. I just found it yesterday through browsing and I am now hook to
this site. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for creating this site and with only one
thing in mind, to help fellow traders.

You're the best guys!! Please keep this site updated from time to time. My
best wishes and more more power to the team. God bless you always.


Marco sent a message using the contact form at

Hi to Edward and all the team of Forex Strategies Revealed.
My name is Marco, and I am from Italy.
I wanted to express my deepest appreciation for sharing all your knowledge
with us, and for doing if for free, with the only aim of helping other
traders to be successful in the forex market.
You do not sell "black box" trading systems, but give very interesting
systems and explain us what they are based on.
I am reading every single page of this fantastic website, there is always
something new to discover, both to create a new trading strategy and to
implement it.
You are really a kind person, generous and with a big heart.
Thank you again for doing it, many traders like me are now winning in the
forex market thanks to you and your generosity.
It is not easy to find people like you.

Jake Roberts sent a message using the contact form at

Hi, I'm sure you get good feedback all the time but I just wanted to say
what a fantastic website.

Csaba Dánielfy sent a message using the contact form at

Dear Edward (and the Team of course),

this is just a short letter from me, because I could not continue reading
the more and more valuable articles and forex strategies that I have found
on this site without saying a very big thank you. So thank you very much
for creating and maintaining this website and I wish you a huge success in
the future!

Kind regards,


Muyen sent a message using the contact form at

Hi I want to show my appreciation for this web-site it will make a big
difference in my trading have varieties strategies to choose from. I am
sure this will improve my trading a lot if a I can pick one and


Robert Pellegrini sent a message using the contact form at

Thank you for providing this Amazing page for individuals new to Forex.
I've been all over the internet for the past 6 months and nothing is even
close to this.

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