How many of us will succeed in Forex?

Many of us have probably heard the statement that 95% of beginners lose in Forex and remaining 5% become successful.

A common trading journey in Forex starts with demo account and develops into live account with further positive or negative outcome.

We have made own simple research that was aimed to find out how long on average traders plan to demo trade Forex before going live.

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That's what you said:
"In any field professionalism is never achieved in no time. Students study for 5-6 years in universities to obtain a profession..."

I graduated in economics and I can tell you that some exams are really more difficult than understanding candlesticks, indicators and strategies. And you have 3-6 months to prepare them.

Maybe I speak this way for my background, but for someone with no economic knowledge 6 months are enough for a demo account. Them I suggest to start with a micro account. You can have a better perception of the risk without risking too much.
After that, if succesfull, you can invest more.


Thank you from bottom of my heart for putting this site together and thank you to all traders who have been kind enough to share their very valuable insights and knowledge.

Thanks to you guys I've had considerable success. Although I still need to improve my game psychologically, but still i'm making a profit.

I've learn't some pretty powerful concepts here. All I would say is "NO SURRENDER". FX Trading is just like any other competitive business/sport. It takes time, will power and lots hard work. It's like anything if you love it then you don't feel like you are working.

It is 90% psychology in my humble opinion. I would say the most important thing is your self belief. Total belief in your ability to learn the craft.

To obtain success you need eat,sleep,drink FX.You need to have unquenchable hunger for success and knowledge. Also you I would say one need needs to eat lots of humble pie. Calculated risk is the name of the game.

In my experience I would say keep it simple as possible. Don't over do indicators/Oscillators..... FX trading is a art. Familiarize yourself with technical trading. A good start would be to take a professional course in Charting. One last thing. It took me 3 years of constant struggle before I started doing well. As a newbie I lost all my capital ($24000). Had to start from scratch with $700.

NEVER EVER GIVE UP. It is the most amazing field in the world that I know of where a ordinary person can train and become so successful.

If any one has any questions I'd be happy to help when I can. There is no magic formula. Almost everything you need is available from places like this site.

Good luck to every one.

PERHAPS it's only 5% who try hard that make it but you make it sound an impossibility as if you are the Forex god. Any good gambler can make money at forex in a month or even less.Bye for now Luke


"When I open a position, I'm instantly down 2.5% to 3.1%, which exceeds a typical 2% stop loss, and if I simply add 2% to the spread, then that's a 5% stop loss"
So all it takes is to open a position and you lose 2% FROM spread? By the way, I am not here to criticize you, but instead to tell you that you already answered your question. You are wayyyy overleveraging. if 2% is equal to spread then you are gambling.

Solution, use money management where 2% is the maximum you can use, and the stop loss has to be based on the right previous peak or base. The space between your entry and your stop loss "pips wise" has to be equal to 2% risk.

Just do it this way, let say you have 4000 dollars capital and you want to risk 2% which is $80 dollars. Now how far is the stop loss located, let say 30 pips. Now dived $80 by 30 which is equal to 0.26 Lot when 1 pip equal to $1.

This way, you will have proper money management whch calculates your risk and how much leverage you can afford based on 2%.

I hope this helps.


I've been trading forex for a six months at a rate of 4 hours a day. My goal has been to make every mistake possible in order to learn what doesn't work. Last month I discovered what does work, and since then I've been profiting steadly. Instead of consistently losing money, I now do marginally better than breaking even, which I heard is wonderful progress. But it depends on what time frame you use. Some weeks I can bring $4000 up to $8000, and other weeks I just bring $8000 back to $4000. It is ridiculous! I either do consistently well or consistently poorly. It is almost as though I were using two strategies, one for making money and another for losing it. I know, however, that it is really one strategy, namely the one that leads to profits half of the time and losses the other half of the time. If only I could eliminated the second of the two. I know, I know, use stop losses. The problem is they don't work, because of the spread. When I open a position, I'm instantly down 2.5% to 3.1%, which exceeds a typical 2% stop loss, and if I simply add 2% to the spread, then that's a 5% stop loss, which is way too large. A 5% loss is $100! My friend tells me I need to trade less units so that I can easily tolerate a typical 20% retracement; but then there goes the profitability factor! I'm starting to think the solution is simply to be wrong less often, which is where experience comes in. That is why I'm still trying to make every mistake I can make.


Hello Edward.Thanks for your Site.To the Newbees??Forget the Demo.Forget the Live Account.
Forget the Advisers. Do yourself a favor.Subscribe to a Good Chart service - 40$ a month,or so.Study the Charts,add some indicators,and play with them.You will find most of them useless.But the Advisors use them anyway.To Demo,mark your Chart,and watch IT.There are a very few indicators which work very well,BUT you have to Tweek them until they work for you.And forget anything under the 1 hour ,except to enter and exit.You must also understand,that Brokers work for Brokers,and not you.DO NOT Trust the Brokers Chart.If you believe the Broker takes one or two PIP,you are kidding yourself. Take care. Joe.

Then why Forex brokers try to hijack people for live trading promising they would guide ultimately do not respond at all thereafter?

time check is vital in currency trading. by maviiri godfrey.

trading needs self composure every time, irrespective of when making profits or losses.

are able to reach their goals.

Even if you practice 5 hours a day 6 months may not be enough to start managing serious investments, but may be just enough to try out your trading skills with a mini investment. First live trading experience in Forex is hardly ever smooth. No one wants to be a loser, but almost every one loses. You should be prepared first of all mentally, that's why also small initial investment is advised in order to take out additional pressure created by trading live money without previous experience. If you set a goal to test your skills, rather than a goal to prove that your are not a loser, then your trading experience will be productive and enjoyable!

Richard Dennis developed and lead turtles trading system and it is (I believe) available on the net.


I like your site very much and I have tried some the strategies mentioned here, but..... I am relatively new to Forex and hence I only lose money.

Do you offer/run any mentoring scheme?


One of the most important skills I have found in 6 months of profitable (not fantastic) trading is knowing when to stay away from it and accept that I do not know what the hell is happening. In the time I have been trading there has been so much turmoil in the world added to the cock ups I have made that I feel fortunate to be still in the game, enjoying it and learning, learning, learning.

Hi, my name is Ahmed, Iam new on forex trading market, firstly I what to thank u 4 all the lecture u have given us the younger onces in forex trading thank u 4 ur time, we hope to be come successful one day.By GOD willing, I will continu to lean, on till i come one of the forex guru like u. but in all u gurus have to asist us with the ture strategy of forex systme, because all we use to see on net is théory of forex not pratical, release the scert to us, thanks, Ahmed, GODALMITY BLESS U, Byem


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