Trailing Stop EAs for MT4

I've decided to gather the resources about Trailing Stop EAs available today.

Most of indicators and EAs is a courtesy of - one of the most advanced forums about Forex trading, where you can find almost anything!
But even then, it's sometimes difficult to find indicators/EAs you need quickly.
So, I've decided to make a series of pages with indicators and Expert Advisors (EAs) that, in my opinion, are the most useful.

Follow me, enjoy trading!

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Hello Edward,

Any idea why the partial close does not work after the first take profit is reached. It is set to '1' so I assume it should work?

Thank Edward, I am using the first EA you show here, it is the e-trailing mq4 and I love it. I just cant figure out what the trailing STEP is. The default is set at 2 but I dont have any idea what it does. Can you possibly explain.

Thank You,

Thanks for this exposition on trailing stop. I have succeeded in loading e-Trailing.mq4 EA in my platform; pls i would like you to explain why the value "False" is used for "All Positions" variable. Also please explain what it would mean if the value "True" was used instead.


Hello Edward,
Thanks for posting. Have loaded the Trail and partial close and set it up with low target price on M15 to see how it works using BE+lockin. It goes past TP and does not close out 50%. In fact, it doesn't seem to do anything. Any ideas?

Yes, I too would like to be able to get my mind around this one! IBFX have a quite good one that allows three levels of adjustment of the stop, with partial closes (% of Lot size) at each step, but unfortunately it only works on IBFX's MT4 software and I do not know enough to programme an equivalent version.

This one looks good, but there seems to be so many variations, and thus far no 'manual' that helps you understand it if you are not able to read the nuances of the software code.

Hi I've Loaded TrailingStop.mq4 - expert advisor onto my MT4 chart & it works well.
My only complaint is that iI cant activate the stop loss feature on this EA.
Can anyone help me

Peter S

IS there any PDF version installation or guide on this one ? TrailingWithPartialClose.mq4 - expert advisor

7. TrailingWithPartialClose.mq4 - expert advisor
How to use this whereby I just wanan to use one of the method instead?


First of all that you for that great forum. What I wonder is a simple EA. I want to combine the e-trailing and break even EAs in the following way.

The stop loss should be modified to break even after a number of pips in profit.
Trailing stop should be activated once a number of pips is achieved and it should follow with a given number of pips.

For instance:

BreakEven: 100
TrailingCommence: 200
TrailingStop: 50
TrailingStep: 5

I would appreciate if you guys could guide me thru.

Hello, break even stop EA doesn't work with my 5digits MT4 demo account. I give Sell Order Markert and second EA drop on the Chart, no reaction?? What´s wrong? Thank you.

Thanks Edward,I started trading but ive had limited sucess with the advanced strategy 14.I kept having 5 out of 6 winners but the last trade would completely deplete all the profits i had made since the risk reward ratio for the strategy is not good.I then resorted to the neat entry stategy.It also didnt work out on a recent trade with the AUD/USD.I have lost half of my account balance.What im i doing wrong?Is there an other suitable method you can recommend for me to use.


Hi Pamela,

You should always start with the smallest available lot.
0.01 lot is a good choice. You can safely open a few trades and still keep the risks low.
Keep trading small lots until you get more live trading experience and feel of the market as well as learn to control your account margins.

Best regards and happy trading!

Thanks alot edward.You have cleared things for me on trailing stop EA's.

I im finally starting my live account today after demotrading for 6 months.I have read your entire site deligently and tried out most of the strategies.The most successful has been the Advanced system 14(Simple trading with the daily range).Im opening up my account with 3000 USD(Leverage 500).Please advise me on the lot size i should use when using this method so that i dont risk alot of my capital.

Thanks in Advance.
May the good lord bless you for all your generous contribution.

Pamela Nagawa Katende

Hello everybody,

I like to use trailing stop, but does anybody know how to create a trailing stop based on the previous candle's low or high based on the buy and sell. I don't know how to programe the EA's.

sometimes the high or low of the previous candle strategy works in trending market, and it keeps giving you a great quantity of pips. it doesn't work everytime but only few days of the week.

Here is a video that I am trying to base the strategy on, it is very simple and it can be used as a strategy to enter and exit, unfortunately I don't know how to create the EA.



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