Forex trading strategy #54 (Double The Account Per Month)

Submitted by Ahmad

*****Forex Trading Strategy That Doubles The Account Per Month*****

We will discuss a Forex Trading Strategy that is simple and basic yet works very well. There are many forex trading strategies selling for more than $2K but after you read this, you will appreciate the simplicity and beauty of this Forex Trading Strategy and the results that it produces. This Forex Trading Strategy uses EMA8 and EMA34 along with the Stochastic and MACD oscillators. You can use this strategy on H4 as well as D1 timeframes. Let’s discuss two GBP/USD live trade examples with this strategy on D1 timeframe.

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Realy fantastic guideline toward forex trading. Just I want to understand how it can be predicted? As your given example is shown in past i.e. November 13 till December 24 in the first chart. I want to see the forecast beyond December 24 and onward. Please reply if you are free.
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I've NEVER seen an indicator based system that works in the long run. I don't believe your MACD myth, either.

For children? I know a man who set up a system based only on MACD and stochastic who won a million on the forex market ...

Silly Wabbit, indicators are for kids!

The principle itself is interesting. It has the best indicators (moving averages, MACD and stochastic).

The risk is also good gain (level stop short and long target).

Lack of good management risk because any strategy, for it is better if you do not have a good risk management, smash!

I think the title should be changed to "BLOW YOUR ACCOUNT SKYYHIGH WITHIN A MONTH"!

a me sembra che stocastico e ema diano sempre segnali opposti.

another money sucking SCAMMER! newbies beware

You should read the detailed analysis of my latest trade where I went terribly wrong but was still able to make my losing trade a winner and made a return of 28% in just 2 days using the above forex strategy:


The strategy is good because it uses the signal from the MACD which is a great indicator. Furthermore, using moving averages, stochastic and candles study to confirm the signal.

one trade result doesnt even matter!what happens if you are hitting a string of wrong signals as in any method it will happen..newbies dont even think about this method unless you are experienced!

most bad trading strategy

Is there any MT4 indicator to identify candlestick patterns?

Very good strategy, whose principles are similar and can be used to enhance my strategy based on MACD + CCI.

Thanks for posting.

João Alexandre.


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