Forex trading strategy #8 (Teodosi's simple system)

This Forex system was sent us by Teodosi.

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"Hello guys i`ve been using one very profitable system and i want to share
it with all of you. If anyone has any suggestion i`m open to hear something
new to add in it.

This is my system.

I use 1h chart on GBP/JPY with Stoch(5,3,3) and RSI(7). My idea is this ...

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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone uses this method quite a lot and has a good consistent success rate. And if so, what other indicators do you use to confirm the order. The wrong post to put it on but while I am here does anybody use fibonacci? I have just started using it but just want to know the best place to go to know how to use this tool properly. Thanks.


1 hour time frame - every candlestick lasts for 1 hour.
15 minute time frame - every candlestick lasts for 15 minutes.
1 day time frame - every candlestick lasts for 1 day.

It's true for all trading platforms, check what time frame you have selected on JForex.


Hi everyone,
since I don't use Metatrader, I wish to know (if possible) how much lasts every candlestick. because if I set 1H in JForex, it shows me 4 days of oscillations (which I think are too much).
thank you very much

Hello Edward,

I have managed to set up the EA that I mentioned earlier. I should of played around a bit more to get it going. I just have to wait for it to put down a buy or sell and see how we go. If you've got any other info on this matter could you please let me know. Great site by the way and great customer service from yourself. I'll keep your email handy. Thanks.


Hi Edward, Marc here. Thanks for the reply. The EA that is on page 19 of this segment. TS.mq4 from user PNA. I can't seem to load this onto my mt4 broker. And also could you please tell me if there has been any other discussions anywhere with regards to more EA's or any other feedback for the Teodosi Simple Strategy. Thanks.


Hi Marc,

I'm not sure where the problem is. Please send me:

- name of the indicator/EA
- link to the page where the indicator/EA is published.

My email:

I'll send you the file(s).

Best reagrds,

Hello Marc here again. I right click and click save as, program files/meta finfx/experts but it says that it is unable to save into that folder. Any suggestions. Thanks.


right click and Save as... if that's what you mean..

How do you save the EA TS.mq4? Thanks

Hi Edward,

Thank you so much for this wonderful website. You are doing a great job in knowledge transition and its helping beginners like me so much. Its been two weeks that am trading in demo account and hope that I will be able to make some consistent profits and then move to live(micro). I thought of posting the message because I tried Teodosi system today and it works great(though only one trade on GBP/USD runing since 7 hours and I have already booked 80 pips profit and a position open with 40 pips still on). My humble thanks to Teodosi for this contribution. Edward am also using MMA's and working very fine but am beginner so am still getting to avoid false signals during ranging. Thank you so much.


I can say as well.. this system sincerely very profitable.. just be carefull with your money managment.. sometimes u could enter in a brief negative... so..carefull..

PNA do you have an update on your EA?

Thank you Tony,

Absolutely, the system is still effective. It's a robust system, which will never be affected by time and market changes.

Happy trading!

Hi Edward,

Is this system still as effective as it was a couple years ago? Also, you need to know I learned how to trade because of this site!!! you are doing a tremendous job...
Many blessings to you and your famiy!


Hi Edward,

What a great it still as effective now as it was awhile ago? Just want you to know that I learned to trade because of this site and your marvelous, informative and patient comments! God bless you and your family!!



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