Advanced strategy #10 (Trend Line Trading Strategy)

A truly great work has been done by Myronn, the author of the current Trend Line Trading Strategy.
Support-resistance trading, trend line trading, checking higher time frames, money management — the strategy has a concrete-like theory base and a simple implementation — a winning combination, that places it into the category of advanced strategies.

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Edward Revy

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Thank you!
We are also proud to have such a great auditory!


I fixed it Edward ...there was a little problem with my platform ...I found this strategy along with advanced #5 to be very rewarding and's a incredibly job that you're realizing here with this comunity ...feel very proud to be a part in the incredible job that is carried out here

It shouldn't be so, the lines should not be violated, but they might be tested, at which stage the lines should illustrate that they held the pressure without major failure.

Could you attach a screen shot, so we can look at it together?
Thank you.


Wow guys tons of information on this site, thanks to the creators. The zig zag indicator makes life easier but unfortunately I don't have an MT4 account, can someone recommend or know how to convert MT4 to Tradestation or can find a similar indicator for Tradestation?


To draw a trend line you connect tops (with tops) and bottoms (with bottoms), shown by a Zigzag indicator.

For basics on how to draw trend lines please review:
How to draw a Forex trend line

Should any questions remain, let me know.


can u help me how to draw the trend line

Hi Barrett,

:) today is you lucky day then.

Registration is not required, there is no so called "members area only" on our website - all information is available to every visitor.
But your can always register at our Forex strategies forum

At this moment we don't have a section with reviews on EAs and other auto systems and signals.

Best regards,

Hi Edward,

Great! Thanks! Wish I'd found this website long ago!

Is there any section on here with advice / reviews of either FX auto trade systems or EAs that provide signals? Another question is: Do I have to "join up" to use the Forum on here?

Hi Barrett,

Thank you!
Here is the indicator:

Best regards,

I have just discovered this site and have been reading with fascination. My name's Barrett! The strategies here look great and this one sounds very promising indeed!

One problem if anyone can help please..... I've been searching on Google and can't seem to find the swing zz indicator Myronn talked about.... can anyone please help?!

I can be reached at [email protected]

Thanks! :-)

Hmm, that's something interesting.
Thank you for sharing, Burt.


Hi Edward,

Hope Myronn comes back one day. anyway I've found an ea which will do this automatically for you all you need to do s draw the trend lines and then decide where to pace your buy or sell orders at a trendline break. It takes just a few minuted and you dont have to continuously watch the chart


PS>Happy new year everyone

Great to have you back, Grant!

I enjoyed holidays, and as always I wish I had more time to relax :)

There is 40% of money/risk management, which I agree with, but there is too much, in my opinion, given to a personal management (50%).

Any personal management depends heavily on the trading system one uses.
A trader who is 100% confident about the system he uses will hardly never try to compromise his trading with an attempt to go against the rules.
On the other hand, a trader, who believes that his system is not able to catch every trade he wants to be in, will most likely try to alter his trading here and there...

In order to ask for a disciplined trading, you have to document your trading rules first to be able to follow them precisely. You also have to have every single condition: stop, exit, re-entry etc. described, leaving no room for a second opinion or a guess.

So, I'm assigning 10% of the success to making the first step in documenting your trading rules;
35% to having a great system, which you can trust 100% any time anywhere, (makes it 45% total);
and 5% to an effortless attempt to read these trading rules and apply them as is,
(that's what's left for me for a personal management).

Best regards,

Hey, you guys haven't seen any stuff from me either but I'm still around . . . .

Speaking of which, Edward, I hope you took some time off to enjoy life a bit. I know you're a busy man, but you must remember to smell the flowers once in a while. For me, Xmas is a great time to stop trading and look at all the mistakes I made in the year and work on them.

Regarding Myronn's system:

Joe Ross said that trading was:

Signal Identification 10%
Trade Management 20%
Risk Management 10%
Money Management 10%
Personal Management 50%

So we have 10% of what makes a lucrative system. Depending on the other 90%, Myronn is either on his yacht, or under the ocean, who knows. For those that say the system is not valid if he is not writing, that is BS.

Think about what you need to improve to accomplish your goals. Then do it.

And thanks guys for making the upload method better.

EUR last week


Hi, everybody

i am new to this forex trading but i found Myronns trendline strategy is good...hopefully INSYALLAH (God willing) it will always be successful in the long run. Make nearly about 80+ pips on 2 trades but make mistakes with the trailing stop though....i havent seen Myronns comment in this thread anymore...why? would like to know his update on his live account. i send email to him and he replys very promply....thanks Myronn and everybody!




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