Forex trading strategy #7-a (The "stupid guy" system)

Submitted by Wolf (Riza Hariadi)

HELlo! Im Back. Im Wolf from Indonesia

Today I want to share my "Stupid Guy" Trading System that can make pips up to 50-100 pip a day! ^_^

Lets go!

Pair = EUR/USD only
Time Frame : 15 Minute Only
Zoom out to 50 or 75 percent to see the magic.

And the secret is... MACD!

Set it to 35 45 30.

The Rule is, ENTRY WHEN CROSSING. ITS so simple!! Check the picture below!

Patient is the key, and you may sometimes checkout the Histogram Divergence to spot next cross. Don't forget to set trailing stop (SL+), Avoid News, Cut Loss when MACD cross again (almost never happen)

Happy Stupid Trading ^_^ See you at the top!


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Hi all , this system works very fine for me .maybe mario has repented to have shared it , and then he says that does not work. In a few weeks I have done a lot of pips . Follow the system rules and trust me, it works !

Hello wolf,

Do you mean to say that your system still works if you trade it manually and not use the EA?


About 2 lines in MACD: if you have only one line - it's ok. Don't worry about 2 lines and their cross. They're crossing when MACD closed above or below zero and that's all!
From Russia, with love)

hey im wolf, yes im the one who post about not to use this system. i forgot to tell, what i mean is only for martingale user. its not safe for martingale. The EA was martingale. sorry ^_^ have a nice trade.

Hi wolf! I like this system.
What are the parameters that used the EA?
If the parameters its not good, the results can be not good.

hey. im wolf. I want to tell you not to use this system, i have made it into an EA, and the results its not good. theres cut loss in some month. to admin, please delete it.

this system is questionable.. but im willing to try it.

Hi Zilvinas,

What are the parameters that used the robot?



on my system mt4 there is a single MACD line appera......what the hell is this lolxx


I am Zilvinas from Lithuania.
Please check below my back test results for 365 days made with Robot.

Seems like automated trading with this system is able to deliver about 200% Annualy.

account will be blown out more than likely with this system as its lagging and not very accurate after manual backtest

Hi Wolf,

there are Experts Advisors for this strategy? I want to trade it automatically.


Hi User form August 2012 - 02:57

He use Metatrader4

Other User

Hi, I try to use macD in instaTrader it does not look like the one you show on the picture, what platform do you use?

Is there a way to scan for these trades using this system?

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