Exit strategy #9 (Keep every pip)

This is an exit method for those who hate "losing those pips" which come with a great market move and then vanish immediately (or shortly after) on a reverse.

When the price shoots (up or down), it creates an out of the range tall candlestick.

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sal Edward, its imposible to download

this is the indicator for MT4.

To download:
Right mouse click, Save as..


I am not able to download it, please help. Will it be possible for me to use it on mt4 platform?

I use default settings: 14, 1.0
But I like the ability to experiment with settings.


what settings are you using there in the indicator??

The goal to catch every pip up to the top is rather not realistic.

I haven't suggested the time frame or the currency pair, which means you can certainly try it out in different conditions.

Kind regards,

Hi Edward,

Can I use it on GBPUSD in 1h time frame? I`m asking becouse when it shows to close position price is keep going up and loosing about 25 pips on every position. Can you give me adapted modify for GBPUSD 1h

Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with AmiBroker platform, and ways to create/write indicators there, I'm very sorry.

Kind regards,

hi Edward,

how can i get this indicator for AmiBroker?

If we have a bullish shaven or a bearish shaven (a tall candle with no shadows)

we stay in a trade for at least one more candlestick, since it's a sing of a strong move which isn't ready to stop yet: no shadows mean that one side (bulls or bears) is 100% in control of the move.

Kind reagrds,

Thanks for the strategy Edward.It is a good way to know when to exit our trade.But I want to ask one question.

What if the candle formed is bearish shaven or bullish shaven? Do we have to exit Since it is a good sign of the market is downtrend or uptrend?


thanks a lot edward, this indicator is very interesting.

everyone probably knows we shouldn't enter trades on big candles, but how big is big?

now this indicator provides us with a standard to follow. that's exactly what we need.


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