#10 Mounzer Forex Stress Free system

Forex System by Mohamad Mounzer

Timeframe: Four hours chart
Indicators: EMA(55), EMA(200), Zigzag, Equidistant channel indicator, MSH and MSL indicator
Pairs: Priority to audusd, usdcad, nzdusd, usdjpy and eurusd then the rest..

Note 1: You can use manual channel construction or any indicator satisfies, and we have to use the last equidistant channel available on the chart(ONLY)to keep stress resulting from the traffic lines away.

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chances for today

Mohamad Mounzer

this looks promising,but the indicator would be needed


Welcome Tonny
VM candle price action... change settings inside and make them all False except MSL and MSH

Good strategy, thank you for sharing,
Mohamad could you share with us Equidistant channel indicator, MSH and MSL indicators?
Thank you.


Do you have a template for this system. Thanks.

USDCAD chart:

Mohamad Mounzer


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