How to benefit from trading with MT4 custom indicators

MetaTrader4 Platform offers an outstanding opportunity for traders to implement their trading visions of price analysis on practice by allowing to create and add custom Forex indicators.

Even if you are currently trading with a non-MT4 broker and/or never tried MT4 platform before, there is so much custom indicators may offer that it would be unfair to not give them a chance to work for you.

All you need to do is to open a demo account with any of the Forex brokers that use MetaTrader4 platform and continue trading live with your old broker. Or if you like MT4 already, consider moving to a new platform.

A short list of MT4 Forex brokers

Interbank FX
IKON Royal
MIG Investments
ODL Securities
Direct Forex
Hotspot FX

The full list of MT4 Forex brokers

Opt for a Forex broker with good reputation; and regulated by local authorities.

For example, the National Futures Association (NFA) and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) regulate brokers in the United States.
To find out about current status of your US broker go to:

Swiss based brokers must be regulated by the Swiss Federal Department of Finance, and so on.
These regulatory authorities protect investors against brokers' manipulations, frauds and other unfair activities.

How to add custom indicators to MT4 platform

1. Close MT4 platform.
2. On your local disk find the folder you installed MT4 to.
3. Inside it find a folder called "experts", and within it another folder called "indicators".
4. Now, copy your custom indicators as is into the "Indicators" folder.
5. Run MT4 platform.
6. In the upper Menu go to:
"Insert" -> "Indicators" -> "Custom".
You should be able to find there the indicator(s) you've added.

Additional video tutorials:

Video: How to install MT4 indicators

Adding custom indicators: guide by Alpari UK

Happy trading with custom MT4 Forex indicators!

Hello sir,How to use the added custom indicator in MT4 platform to access the moving average level.tnx once again

Hi sir,i wud want a more elaborated explaination on the copy the custom indicators as it in the indicator's folder of the expert.from where do one copy the custom indicators from whic folder in the harddisk.tnx edward

Yes, why not.

For example, there are brokers who run promotions and offer free $50 accounts (CMS Forex did, Deltastock did). You can find those promotions listed at same site:

Also, if you have basic skills to run an own website, you can make money by placing advertisements on your pages, participating in affiliate and other programs.


is anybody knows how to get free money to start trading

You can find brokers by location here:


who is forex broker in Toronto, Canada?

i must confess you guys are doing great job here.please keep it up.
though new to forex but i enjoy every bit of your strategy as they all get me matured to forex trading.please still looking for more trading strategy that works, which is not complicated
thank you all
email. acememore(at)

Hi pkk,

Possible troubles are:

- expert advisors and indicators have the same file extension: .mq4
So, there might be mix ups: if you have an Expert Advisor and you copy it into
Indicators folder, it won't work. Same for indicators, being copied to Experts folder, they won't show up.

- sometimes also the indicator is coded improperly and just won't run;

- sometimes indicators are coded for a specific time frame only. Click through several time frames to check if indicator appears there.

If this is not the case, than review this video form Alpari, may be it will be of some additional help:


I downloaded a custom indicator and I can see it under custom. When i went to insert, indicators and custom, I do not see the indicator to attach to my chart on the MT4. Can someone help? Thanks


Thank you, Neal

Although very unlikely, it could be that the templates you've tried somehow conflict with the Metatrader platform of your particular broker. I've heard few times that some traders had troubles making certain MT4 indicators work with one MT4 broker, while others had no troubles with other brokers...

Simply try to re-install the platform and give it another shot. Additionally, I'd register another demo account with a new MT4 broker and try same templates there.
If nothing works, it may be a broken template, then send me an email via contact page, I'll check it out.

Best regards,

Dear Edward,

What a great site! Well done for all your efforts and many thanks to you as i have
learned so much about forex trading from this one single site!

Anyway, i got a problem related to this topic: I have tried installing some indicators and templates
on my mt4. Basically, it's one trading system, so the incators are part of the whole system by which if i load the template then all the indicators will come out on the screen. All is fine until i started to load the template and my platform just crashed and stopped working. Tried many times and still it crashed. There'a a warning window that appeared, headlined 'critical error bla bla..' saying all these things i don't understand at all.

So, i am so frustrated. Funny thing is if don't load the template but instead load the individual indicators on the screen, the platform is fine.

What can be wrong here? I've also tried to load other different templates which i have installed and the same crash happen.

Hope you can help me. Thanks in advance.

warm regards,
Neal the Trader.

There are two ways to remove indicators form the MT4 chart:
1. Right click on the indicator on the chart, you should see a menu with an option to "Delete indicator".
2. Right click anywhere on the chart, in the pop-up menu find "Indicators List", then select indicator(s) you want to delete from the chart.

Hope this helps.


I have the MT4; however there are tooo many indicators on it and I would like to take some off. Does anyone know how I accomplish this?

Hi Richpips,

GMT = EST + 5,

3am est = 8am GMT,
6am est = 11am GMT,
8.45am est = 1:45pm GMT
11am est = 4pm GMT

Next website might also be of some help:


can anyone help me to know what 3am est,6am est,8.45am est and 11am est are in +GMT (nigeria time. RICHPIPS

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