#12 Multiple indicators analysis

Submitted by Stoyan

Hi, this is Stoyan. I look at this marvelous site from time to time and may be this is the right moment to express my great gratitude to Edward and the other guys, sharing such information with fellow traders. Nice work guys, keep on..

So, I am about to reveal a quite simple, yet efficient strategy, not only for those of us who enjoy scalping, but for swing traders, as well. I am quite confident you will find it quite accurate and beneficial.

Well, let's get straight to the point:

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Hi Stoyan,

I am interested in this indicator, however I am not a good programmer and dont know how to program this indicator to work with fxcm marketscope charting tool. Please help. Thanks, Chris

is there a way to incorporate this indicator within dbfx platform?

I dont get too see the hole TA_1.14c.mq4 indicator on my MT4 screen. I just get to 4 HR. How can i get to see the full indicator.
But it looks to be a interesting indicator.

Veyr Very GOOD
Fc Team

Interesting indicator, thanks

What is your succes rate with it? Have you been using this strategy for a long time?

Dear Stoyan,

Thanks good one can u explain detail


Dear Stoyan,

fine the system little bit confusion, 90% means.. guide me


how to download the mq4 format to .exe format kindly guide me


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