#12 Multiple indicators analysis

Submitted by Stoyan

Hi, this is Stoyan. I look at this marvelous site from time to time and may be this is the right moment to express my great gratitude to Edward and the other guys, sharing such information with fellow traders. Nice work guys, keep on..

So, I am about to reveal a quite simple, yet efficient strategy, not only for those of us who enjoy scalping, but for swing traders, as well. I am quite confident you will find it quite accurate and beneficial.

Well, let's get straight to the point:

Currency pair: ANY
Timeframe: M15, M30 for scalpers
H4 for swing traders
Indicators: TOR 1.02
TA_1.14c (attached below)

OK, in general, those indicators represent an improved version of the well-known MT4 indicators - namely ADMI, RSI, CCI and Stochastic Oscillator.

Rule for Entry:

Enter a trade when at least 90% of the arrows at the various timeframes go for BUY or SELL (green or red, respectively).

When scalping, shoot for 15-25 pips per trade. For the swing traders - pay special attention to the higher timeframes (H4, D and W) - in case of change of direction - close your trade.

I will be glad to know your results and comment on this one.

Happy and profitable trading fellows!!!

Download indicators:



Edward Revy,

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Can I get its lua

Anyone here explain on how to use this indicator?

Thank you

hi, total newbee, having trouble downloading this on to my mt4, went through all the steps and loaded it onto 'programme files-mt4trader-experts-indicators' all went well. but when i open up mt4 navigator, its not there! greatfully for an help.

asking myself the same. Do i just need to be lucky ? I mean, i could have missed the point or i have to sit in front of my PC 24/7

this strategy looks very simply but i dont know the basis of calculating 90%. How do i interprete the extral reading on the custom indicator that NOUFEL help to tweak. Pls if you understand this send me a mail on [email protected]

Can anyone explain me the # displayed in the above indicator?

Thank you, Noufel!

Below is the indicator:

Hi Noufel,

please send it to

and I'll publish it here.

Kind regards,

I made a small modification to display 90% calc in the indicator TA_1.14c. How to upload it? Noufel

Like he explained the indicators highlights different TF, you choose the indicators that suits your trading pattern. I tried both 30min and 1hr, the results were unbelievable, but then it could be one of those nights. I tried it during the Asian market around midnight.

Tried this last night amazing result, I don't know if i am doing it right, but for the TF i want to trade i simply wait for a 100% signal, i.e all the indicators agree with and then i place a trade. The result was unbelievable, i intend to keep on testing for the next couple of days, looks too good to be true. Thanks to the guy who posted this and the guy who runs the site.

it is very usefull thak you sir

What time frames are you using that netted 240 pips? That is a great R/R ratio.

Great job, 2 days, 240 pips!!
sl 30
tp 60

Has anyone tried this indicator? I just set it up on my charts today...Saturday October 9th. 2010. I will test it next week on a demo chart and let you know. I see know one has tried it here, so I will be the tester.

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