#1 Slow Stochastic + BBands Stop MT4 custom indicator

Trading setup

Currency pair: any
Time frame: any
Indicators: Slow Stochastic (5 ,3, 3)
BBands_Stop (also known as TopTrend indicator) default settings (20, 2)

BBands_Stop indicator can be your helping hand in confirming a trend, identifying trend change and setting stops.
Its appearance is pretty much self explanatory.

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Great thanks for sharing!

Hi Jatin,

You've got it right!
BBand_Stop is our primary indicator, which tells us which direction to trade.
Once you know the direction, you may focus on indicators and studies that provide good entry signals. One good example is Stochastic indicator.

ok thanx for reply, sorry i dont told my name its jatin. And as you reply , at first step we have to look at bband stop and then enter a trade when stochastic also show same situation as showed by bband stop. Means bband is our primary indicator and stochastic will just tell idle entry for us to enter a trend, right? If a asked a stupid quation then i apologies for it. once again thanx in advance for ur valuable time.

Here how it works:
We use BBands_Stop to tell us which way to enter. On the screen shot to the strategy BBands_Stop is suggesting to Buy.
At the same time Stochastic there is overbought, which means it is a bad time for us to enter Long now. Thus we wait for Stochastic to actually move back down and cross in oversold zone, which is going to provide a sound signal to Buy the pair (assuming that BBands_Stop indicator is still in Buy mode).


hi u work really well but i want to know that at the ending in ur graph the stochastic is already saying overbought condition but bband stop still saying to buy if we follow to stochastic then we have to sell. whats that?

hi this is very good strategies i not used it yet but it looking good. hey plz keep posting new strategies thanx

Hi Lanredo,

So far I have no solid suggestions, because I'm still experimenting with indicator settings.


There is one statement known to me, it says:
"If gold is going up, so is the Swiss Frank"

great u big great is ur posts, yes doing good wrk here. I want to ask what are the setting for 5min, 15min, 1hr, 4hr etc time frame. As u said "The settings for BBands_Stop indicator could be changed to fit any particular favourite currency pair and a time frame"
Thank you.

any one tell me which currency are effect on gold?

Hi Javier,

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Hello Edward and all team
I have been used this system with 5 minute timeframe chart with GBPUSD and EURUSD and results are good, I made in one week 100 pips with several lots per operation and just a few loses with small pips as stop orders.
This strategy works well until now as scalping system
I usually take 5 to 20 pips per every operation.

Great! That's exactly what I aim for!
I'll keep posting other useful MT4 indicators and MT4 based Forex systems.


Your technique helped me to make better mine. Thanks

any how, ur strategies really tried. but u ve got to improve nd i got a better one also it will later revealed one day


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