#1 Slow Stochastic + BBands Stop MT4 custom indicator

Trading setup

Currency pair: any
Time frame: any
Indicators: Slow Stochastic (5 ,3, 3)
BBands_Stop (also known as TopTrend indicator) default settings (20, 2)

BBands_Stop indicator can be your helping hand in confirming a trend, identifying trend change and setting stops.
Its appearance is pretty much self explanatory.

What should be added is that BBands_Stop if used alone won’t be able to save traders from losing in the Forex market. While it performs outstandingly well during good trends, it faces a fiasco during sideways channeling market.

The settings for BBands_Stop indicator could be changed to fit any particular favourite currency pair and a time frame.

When to use Stochastic? It becomes extremely easy to see which Stochastic lines cross can help with entries or re-entries after retracements: if BBands_Stop suggests an Uptrend – we need a Stochastic cross at the bottom. Opposite for downtrend.

Trading Forex with BBands_Stop/TopTrend custom indicator for Metatrader4

If your previous Forex system lacked additional trend confirmation or a logical level to place your stop at, see how BBands_Stop indicator may improve your Forex trading.


Edward Revy,

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i want to download the Slow Stochastic ,can you help me?

Hi Edward, you suggested that we use Fractals to draw Fib.Do i use 4hr,1day chart to get correct Fibonacci.Advise.

Hello Edward !

I can add this indicator on mt4 But Three Lines show in MT$ So Kindly you guide How Handle this position ..



is this indicator still working?

Hello Folks !

It is realy incredible.

A system was developed by me many month ago.
The system is named DYNAMIC GAINS SYSTEM.
It is so impressive how fast my system has flown
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I've posted it in one single forum, and now the whole fx world is searching for it.

Unbelievable, thank you folks for your immense interest !

My name is Maurizio Fallico.
The system was further developed in the meantime and now it is more sophisticated
than ever befor.

Here is the complete package of this system.
Used in the right manner, you could have a win ratio above 90%.

The EA in this system is used as a semi-automated trading help by myself, to only open the trades in many pairs
I personally use this EA only for the above mentioned semi automation to
do not care about technical analyzis to be met, befor i enter a trade.
The EA can do this work for me. BUT NOT FOR FULL AUTOMATED TRADING.

With this tool i trade the markets more relaxed and also in more pairs as i could've done befor.
The management can also be done with the EA but how everyone knows,
there doesn't exist an EA to do this perfectly for ever.
The markets are a beast and change their rythm every day and in my opinion there is no way
to make an EA that always makes profits.
The only thing EA's can do in my opinion, is open a trade with the system rules that are used.
The discipline to stick to the rules and how to open a trade in this case, is taken partly away.

The only thing to do now, is care about the profit / loss - management and finaly the exit of the trade.

Also,... a system can't make anyone profitable.
It is the education and mentoring with best instructions
from a professional fx trader that will make you profitable.
If there is somebody there searching for the right instruction to become profitable in fx
reply to my private e-mail.
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I hope i could help,

Maurizio Fallico
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REPLY TO THIS E-MAIL-- [email protected] --

Sorry but there was now way to post the Zip file from the Dynamic Gains System
in this Forum.

Reply to my e-mail... i'll send you the complete package !

Hi, could you please send me your email to ev_dream[@] I still have a few questions. Thanks in advance.

It dosen't matter if the Market moves Sideways. If you set the BB STOP Indicator on Period 5 and the deviation on 1 You can Trade any market because this are the Settings to Trade any market Condition. But if you Trade with default settings this Indicator isn' good for every Situation.

Maurizio, could you please kindly share your strategy with this indicator?

Hi Maurizio, how do you manage a sideway market? Do you have another filter?

do you use the Stoch(5,3,3) together with the BBand stop?

Hello folks...

The Best Strategy to use this Indicator is to set the Period on 5, 1, and not 20, 2, - in the BBand stop Indicator and Trade only in the H1 Charts. This Indicator is the very Toptrend indicator. You can make 200-400 Pips Daily if you have a Littelbit of patience and trade the Hourly Charts only.
The Potential to get 100 - 200 Pips daily is the easyest thing if you learn to use this Indicator on the H1 Chart and the Period settings on 5, 1, .

Maurizio Fallico

Hi Emma,

a trailing stop is activated by clicking on the open orders in your Trade window. Right click -> Trailing stop

(video on youtube:

Kind regards,

Hi Edward,
I am new in here and Forex.
I want to know exactly how can I set up a traling stop using a MetaTrdae4 platform.
I can not see this option.
Maybe I am wrong?
thank You for Your great job in this side.
Ypu are a spectacular person and so educated.
Thank You very much for everything.
Kindest Regards:

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