#17 (Trendlord on Sweetspots!)

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I have been using this strategy for over 4months with 96% success. It uses 3 indicators, sweetspots, Trendlord and Super profit.
The system made 3000 pips last month alone and I have decided to share this system as it seems accurate enough to any Forex trader ( I did add alerts to enable me receive alerts via email when my strategy is met.)
I really never regretted trading the system as it is simple and straight forward and easy to spot entry and exit..

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pls let me how to unzip the archive.regards

Trader - do any of these indi's come with email alert capability?

Hey Trader...I like the system, yes it's simple and straightforward. I'm assuming your Red/Green line is the LSMA, yes? One could possibly substitute the Hulls' (HMA) with a 20/1 setting (or play around to tweek) as the Trendlord is nothing more that a 20/21 EMA crossing of price. Price above 20/21 EMA, Trendlord turns Green...below, it turns Red. And yet the 21 EMA is a fib number and many folks use it (or the 20) big yank as they're very close.

The "sweetspots" I'm new to...but like what I's good to see price break incremental levels, thus setting up the next level as a possible target. Lastly some folks asked about targets/stops. As I see it, price, if in a downtrend (below the Red Line), STAYS under it until it decides to reverse, therefore a logical target to take profits would be when price "hops over the line" as in your chart. Plus if price then decides to hop back over onto the other side (back to Red) and your Trendlord is still the short.

Stops? After you've taken profits at about 50 pips or so (based on Traders experience with his average trade size), you can simply use the 2-3 candle "manual trail stop" or one of your choosing. Another good method could be to drop the trailing SAR as well.

Remember, you cannot go broke taking a profit, Pigs get slaughterd (don't be greedy) AND, the number one astonishing fact about Forex? It's open 24/7 so trades will ALWAYS be be smart and take ONLY the best setups ;)

~ Mongo

Have you changed any default setting

Yes, ... it is very very important to understand, that absolute NO indicator can tell you, what will happen in future! ... no one / nothing can tell you ... a proper working indicator will repaint, that is part of its coding, it must repaint to show the latest price movements ... and you have to understand that there is no "christal ball indicator" ... all what traders can do is, to watch movements and the action and make some reactions ...

Greetings from Hamburg/Germany,
Dietmar (DL4HAO)

To User:
I have been reading a few strategies and your name keeps coming up with repainting questions, and needing help to pull something up on your charts. It seems to me like you are new to all of this and it's quite disturbing.

This is what I want you to do. Take everything off your chart and observe it. Tell me what you see. Lesson 1 is being able to observe! You must understand price action first and foremost. You seem to be jumping from one thing to the other without understanding the first step before heading to the next.

Please let me know what is the sttings for sweet spot and other indicators

Hi Chim

thank you, I'm doing great.

I'm not the author of the system, if this what you mean. I simply came to answer a few questions.


Hey Thomas, Where you So many questions no response, hope you are doing alright.

thanks for this strategy,, but there is a problem with the trendlord indicator. It thus repaint and that give give a huge problem when it comes to a ranging market... What will u suggest as the filter for this system.......

hi great

Great strategy
please,i want know how did you receive alerts via email when this strategy is met

i like this methods and would like to know how you set your stop-loss coz u never talked about that and again, what do you do in a ranging market. Thanks

Hi Thomas,
What do you look for to exit the trade if your profit target doesn't get hit or in general.

I'm impressed with your system! Thanks....Phil

Thanx Thomas, ya a great guy but 1 more question do u use any other indicator to filter trade signals?


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