Complex trading system #6 (Munzer Forex System)

Munzer - South Lebanon submitted own Forex system:

I am using this strategy and it works well with me
I like to share it with others
This website is the best I have got use off

Mine is on 1 hour chart:
Two EMA of settings 5 and 15 - close
Two EMA of settings 144 and 169 - close- vegas 1 hour tunnel

asctrend2 for determining stop
MACD settings 12,26,9
RSI settings 21
Trend trigger mod

Entry long:
EMA 5 and 15 crossover upward
crossover of MACD lines upward
RSI(21) > 50
and TrendTriggerMod upward

Short entry:
EMA 5 and 15 crossover downward
crossover of MACD lines downward
RSI(21) < 50
and TrendTriggerMod downward

Hint1: do not make the trade if trendtriggermod do not agree the others
Hint2: beware of the 2 EMA's 144 and 169 They work well as Support and

Exit: Use new crossover of MACD lines

Stop loss depends on asctrend2 or use ATR(14)*2"

Munzer, our greatest appreciations for contributing this Forex system!
Thank you! Well done!
(Forex Strategies Team

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Edward Revy,

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dear Mr monzer !
I am hasan from aouth of lebanon !!
I want your help please , can you call me please?

NMACD is the same as this one: Good_Macd.mq4

How do I get the NMACD indicator?

That's weird.. What broker do you use?

Have you tried to click on Navigator and then drag indicators from Navigator window to your charts?

MT4 Forex navigator window


Can I use Bolinger Bands to replace Asctrend2?
And what is the best indi should be used instead of TrendTriggerMod ?
cuz my broker doesn't allow me to add any extra indidcator.
They use a live update that will update their metatrader, that's why any extra installation
is not allowed. or the system will crash.

please advice?

Trendtriggermod: when indicator line moves up, buyers are taking over, when the line moves down - sellers are in charge. It is an indicator that confirms trend direction.

Asctrend2: When red dots are above the price - the momentum is bearish. When blue dots are below the price - the trend has changed to bullish. Asctrend is also used for setting stops - just outside or right at the dot.

Vegas1H: Vegas tunnel
Here is some information:

Vegas 1 Hour Tunnel Method.doc


Can you post more explanations.


Hi Rein,

These are custom indicators for MT4:
The indicator line should agree with a trend.
Easy to follow dots here are used for determining stops.
Instead of Vegas1HR indicator you may simply use EMA 144 and EMA 169 to create Vegas tunnel.


hi, anyone can give me explanation :
1. what do you mean with "trendtriggermod" ? is it a kind of custom indicator? I never heard about it
2.what is asctrend2 (for determining stop)?
3.what is vegas tunnel ??
I never heard that kind of indicator before...

Thank you very much

Great Job For the site


Dear Munzer,
Thanks for your detailed analysis.Do you know Sidus system,using LMW 5,8 maybe better than LMW 12?
Do you think which system will be most useful to GBP/JPY for scalping or long-term trading.

Thanks again for your help

Ele, with GBp/JPY it is better to take concentrate on long trades when price is over vegas tunnel and the short trades when price is below it

This is a chart revealing :
1- false entry signal
2- reliable entry signal

3- undesired entry signal
- The false entry signal is symboled by aqua colored "x" ( entry conditions lacks trendtriggermod harmony or agreement with others)
- the valid entry signal is symboled with down arrow and check sign at 1.1772 with candle open and there the trendtriggermod moved downwards so agreeing the other indicators(RSI<50,5EMA<15EMA,MACD Crossing downwards).
Exit were at 1.1692 with the opening of the candle depending on new MACD crossover upwards.
- The undesired entry signal is symboled with Plum colored "x" and it is becoz price is near Vegas 1 hr tunnel(resistance area) although conditions were valid.

Forex trading system by Mohammed

Please post image

how it works with GBP/JPY ?

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