Scalping system #16 (Sidekick system)

Submitted by Wolf

Hey Hello! my name is Wolf. I'm from Indonesia.

I love this site, it gives me big development in my trading!

I want to share my "sidekick" strategies. I called Sidekick because usually i use Hourly Time Frame ( I use "Balance simple strategies in this site) but now i want to share my strategies for scalping

Currency : I prefer EUR/USD
Time Frame : 15 minute
What I Use :

Ema 100 (Blue)
Ema 5 (Red)
Ema 20 (Green)
Macd default (12, 26, 9)

The rules.
1. Sell Only when Ema 20 under Ema 100. vice versa.
2. Open sell Only after Ema 5 above EMA 20 and crossing EMA 20 again with confirmation of MACD. Vice versa.
3. Target 8 pips =) (you can get more)

you can see more clearly from the picture.

if you want to use Stop loss, Set it 10 pip above EMA 100. (when sell. vice versa)

Happy trading!

- Wolf -
[email protected]

Edward Revy,

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hello there, could you please send me a copy of the EA aswell? thanks

better use CCI 30 and about/under 100 line much better lik MACD

The Sidekick EA for downloading:

Thank you for sharing!


Please send me a copy of this EA to [email protected]
I have long follow this strategy, it is excellent, in my opinion would be better off with a 5 pip and to close positions.

Please send me a copy of this EA to [email protected]

Please send me a copy of this EA to [email protected] Thanks

Plz send me your EA to [email protected]

Send a copy to [email protected] and we all will be able to try it.


I've coded this as an EA with the following setup / rules:
Trade between 0130 and 1300 Eastern
Indicators: EMA100 on Close, EMA20 on Close, EMA5 on Close, MACD (12, 26, 9) with no 2nd line
All trade entries are based on closed candles
On trade signal, open two trades
Profit Target (Trade 1): 8 pips
Stop Loss: 50 pips
Lot Size is calculated based on user-defined risk percentage
If price is above EMA100, only enter buy trades
If price is below EMA100, only enter sell trades
When price crosses EMA100, trade in direction of the cross IF / WHEN EMA5 crosses EMA100
MACD must be in agreement with trade - for sell, either decreasing last 3 bars or below zero line and for buy, either increasing last 3 bars or above zero line)
When EMA5 crosses EMA20 trade in direction of cross (if price is above EMA100 and EMA5 crosses from below EMA20 to above EMA20, enter buy trade; vice-versa for sell trade)
If price is extreme of last 20 hours, don't enter trade
If previous bar is greater than 60 pips, don't trade
When 1st trade hits profit target of 8 pips, set stop loss of 2nd trade to +2 pips. Let 2nd trade run until either a) the new stop loss is hit or b) price crosses EMA5 against the trade.

Backtesting results are always questionable and hardly ever mirror what happens in the real world, but I'll share my results anyway: from Jun 1 2011 to Aug 30 2011, 218 profitable trades out of 238 total trades; account balance increased by 110%; drawdown of 24%.

There are days when this EA misses the trend, so I'm looking for ways to tweak the EA to take advantage of these missed opportunities. If you would like a copy of this EA, post your e-mail address.

type in the search field words "Good MACD", you'll find MACD with 2 lines.

hi there, someone can tell me how do i add this lines in macd? I got onli one line in the default macd indicator so i cant take the confirmation. Thx!

Wolf...terimagasi...i guess it means thank you in your language.

Hi Wolf,

Thanks for the simple system which works great on all time frames, and powerful MA cross combination makes it more than scalping system!
Thanks Wolf!

What do you mean?

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