Scalping system #21 (Utmost simple scalping)

Submitted by Rudy

Hi Edward, this is maybe the utmost simple scalping strat there can be:

chartsetup = H1,
downcandle = red,
up candle = green.

Now, whenever bar collor changes, go in the direction of latest bar. Take some pips (scalp), and wait for another bar collor change. Thats it = kis !!

My entries:
go long if price breaks high previous bar high (green), go short if price breaks low previous bar low (red).

TP an SL : personel preferences.

Best regards, Rudy

Edward Revy,

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well do something else then
forex requires patience

Not using MT4 or any Forex software but I was using this method before Christmas and was doing damn good at winning. Now, since before the New Year, I've lost just about every trade I've done. Not sure the site was catching on to my winning and made a few adjustments to their site. Not sure how that works. I'm only on a demo account (MarketsWorld) but it's the frustration of losing that's making me have second thoughts about getting more serious about trading options. I don't have the $100 or $200+ most sites expect you to deposit to start playing in the trading industry. Can someone give me some better ideas and strategies because I'm about out of patience and, pardon the pun, options.

This easy strategy has worked well for the past two weeks on EURUSD. I've been trading it live off the 5M chart. Results improved when I added two filters:

1) Only trade in the trending direction of the 30M chart.
2) Take no trade 15 minutes before, during or after any medium or high impact news release that
can impact EURUSD.

The steeper the trend angle on 30M, the more successful the results. 80+% success rate from the short side when trend angle exceeds -40 degrees on 30M. Not quite as successful (68+%) from long side when trend angle exceeds +40 degrees. Success rate dropped off quickly when 30M trend angle fell below 40. Even with the trend angle at +/-30 degrees success rate in both directions (long or short) exceeded 55%. This scalping strategy did not work well for me though when the trend angle on 30M fell below +/- 30 degrees.

Rudy, I am confused. Color change on the current candle only happen at open price. What that have to do with the High and Low of any Bar? I agree that you can scalp off the high and lows of previous Bar/Bars but what that have to do with color change in the current bar?

Rudy, thanks for sharing. Could you give an example? I have a hard time making
it work.

"TP an SL : personel preferences."

Seriously? Your exit is much more important than your entry. I think the principle behind this strategy has some merit, but without some advice on TP or SL, it is woefully incomplete.

Some People that are alive are doing good trading PA. The ones that are dead don't know what they are doing
This Tread is very much alive and you can tell by the amounts in there accounts.

NO thread is still alive

still alive

This week I try this strategy on my Demo account.

This thread is dead.
Bury it .


Good one. Been trading this way for some time now.

Just add a trading session of your preference(euro, jpy or US open, depending on the pair) and take a look at significant incoming news. You will increase a lot you trading success.



Are you still there Rudy ?


Listen up, whoever is still here .

This simple strategy is excellent , but NOT for spot trading, even if you have a big bankroll. Scalping a few pips with

low pip value is futile .

However , it is IDEAL for using Binary Options , with their built-in leverage .

Go to Google , Yahoo or Dog Dirt for Binary info , and you will see what I mean. This simple method is especially

good for 60 second expiries on the Binary Options , yes I said 60 SECONDS !! Also , unlike regular Options , Binaries

are extremely easy to learn and use ; so you're combining two simple methods . Forget all indicators , they are

useless , and not needed . Price action only .



Someone post some pics?

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