Forex trading strategy #2-a (28-100 MA trading)

Submitted by Egudu

Hi everyone, here is a simple but cool system, and like I do tell my students, fx is not hard, so don't make it one.

Indicators: 100Ema applied to close and 28 smooth moving average applied to close.
Time frame: 1hr and 4hr
Currency: Any, but i guess Eur/usd would be preferable.

Entry: the 100ema shows the trend. So if we were in a down trend as given by the 100ema and a candle closes above the 100ema, we enter a buy, you would stay in that buy until a candle closes below the 28 and re-entries are made using the 28 once price touches it or closes above it when it has first closed below it. The reverse is for a sell trade.

For 1hr, stop loss should be 50-60pips while take profit should be 70-120pips, for 4hr stop loss should be 100pips while take profit should be 100-500pips.

I hope this makes for you good pips,suggestions and questions are welcome


Edward Revy,

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Hi Egudu,

To make things simple

Your strategy entry
Buy when candle above 100EMA untill candle touches 28 EMA
Sell when candle below 100EMA unitll candle touches 28 EMA again correct?

good strategy thanks Egudu..

Strategy is simple and god ,but loosing big profits in range markets...tested it 3 months one eur usd turned 180€ to 1k in god 4 months.but i recomend to work only on 24 h chart to avoid range market and leverage 100 max 200 and at start 100 sl.with this strategy and fix setting you wont be reach in one night and not in few years but you wont burn your acount,you wil be slowly profit and work and live normal live.yo can set the EMA
settings to correct a little to.

Yes in one case, 28 sma was above the 100ema and it would not be wise to sell in this way when it rises up 28sma

is simple moving average and smooth moving average same?

non working strategy

Nope.. Doesn't work.. Glad I tried it on a demo acct..

big thanks for Egudu, since I use this indi... 100% my trading profit... I applied on GBPUSD TF = 1H

could you please give a detailed description of what exactly is MAM strategy of gold trading and how it works?

Lol...this system separates men from the boys.

this is noa a gud system

100 pips stop loss? given i am a beginner there is no way i can afford a loss of £1000 in eur/usd. I thought this section is supposed to show basic strategies, basic strategies means that beginners go to this section to learn basic strategies. Beginners hardly can afford a loss of £1000! This strategy is madness.

I don't like this Egudu.

I can only assume that following these strategy description it is either worded wrongly or one is purposefully trying to lose all their money just looking at your example chart and reading the system ideas does not make logical sense.
In an established downtrend why would someone enter long when the price closes above the 100 ema? Firstly it is against the trend, (unless your are looking for a trend reversal?) and secondly to close your position when reaching the 28 ma (stop loss?) and then saying to re-enter when the price hits the 28 ma again is tantamount to financial suicide!
Sorry but this is utterly confusing to me how so many people have found value in this and posted positive comments. Unless I can misread something here I can only assume they are reading this in Australia where as I am reading it London.
Sorry but can't understand the validity of this at all.
Any help would be appreciated, and I would never write anything off before asking all the questions.
Best regards

Mr Egadu thats a really Nice system , No system is Perfect , if someone Saying it will not work in Ranged market ... then just leave the range Ranged market .. Trade the trend market simple.. (**if anyone saying .. how to detect Ranged market and Trend market !then why they r saying it will not work in ranged market.) shhhhhhhhh :|

frankly i cannot understand what you mean...i think it is unexecutable in the market. sorry

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