Forex trading strategy #22 (Best of MACD Entries)

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- 50 SMA (GREEN)
- 100 SMA (RED)

- 5MIN

- Plot the indicators as described above
- Your setup should look like this link:

The best of MACD entries: Forex strategy

- The market is bearish if the Red sma is above the Green sma
- The market is bullish if the Green sms is above the Red sma
- If the Market is bearish as said above, trade sell when MACD is over bought and crossed
- If the Market is bullish as said above, trade buy when MACD is over sold and crossed
- At your entry point, the most recent swing high is good for stoploss (few pips away from it for a short-sell trade)
- At your entry point, the most recent swing low is good for stoploss (few pips away from it for a long trade trade)
- With Instant entry 20-30pips take-profit with 1 or 2 trades perday will help you.
- Dont joke with money management contact for details
- For free signals on this strategies and more filters on daily basis contact
- Make pips, keep the money!!!



Edward Revy,

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I got a ton of good 2 line MACDs for my trading here:

Highly recommend!

On your MACD picture you have 2 lines, but i only have 1 on my default setting, how do i add the 2nd one? thanks

I have tested this on daily charts, 60m 30m and 10m charts for the ERX etf. This is a 3x leveraged ETF. The signal basically works 8/10, if you add on extra piece - slope of the MA's. As long as they are pointing upwards, even only slightly, the signal works. However when they are flat, or when 100 is pointing upward and the 50 is not, avoid the signal, or look at other price action signals for confirmation or not.


this strat is basic, u need to work on it to help you, not to just follow as it is

I look at may charts with this strat and personally see a lot of fails.Good Luck if you use this.


I don't have the required skills either.

There are free basic EA builders though to help you get started:

Kind regards,

Hi Edward,
I have a trading strategy which I want should be converted into automated system but I have no knowledge and skill in this field.If I give you the strategy will you help me to write the pragramme for MT4 platform. I will be very gratefull to you.

Regards R.S.Solanki.

E-mail solanki643(at)

Just my opinion.
I wouldn't use it on 1M chart without tweaking the rules.
The default MACD on 1M wouldn't stand a good chance. Moving averages in general aren't performing well on 1M due to a huge lag, and MACD consists of the moving averages.


has anyone found out the win rate? i'm backtesting it over the past week and i've experienced few losses. have you experienced a string of losses using this?

i'm trying to use this as a scalping strategy. maybe that's why i've experienced few losses. my limit is small

also what about a 1-minute chart? has anyone tried that?


Hi Edwin,

Here is the illustration:

Hope it helps.

Best regards,

Dear Edward

in your comment, you say :
'MACD is overbought and you have a valid Sell signal when both statements are true:
- MACD lines cross above zero level.
- both MACD lines are above the MCAD histogram'

What you mean by both MACD lines are above the MACD histogram??? can you show it using a graph?


Hi Ubong,

Check out this video tutorial.

Let me know should the problem remain.

Best regards,

Hello Edward,

I always appreciate your effort and contribution in helping the newbies to trade this market successfully, you are a great mentor giving us so many thing people expoit us for.
Please, give me the steps how to put the MACD-Traditional you attched here into my Alpari Plattform. I made so many attempt through the MetaEditor, it keeps taking me to the programe without further clue.

I will appreciate your kind help.


Ba-oni, Your strategy is quite interesting and I really want to practise it. But my greatest challenge is how to insert the MACD Traditional in my platform. I also use Fx-Pro and Alpari.


The setup works well on daily charts.
Smaller TF would might work better with 200 SMA or EMA instead of 100.


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